Tom Hardy Weighs In on Batman vs. Superman and Potential Return as Bane for the DC Extended Universe

There has been a lot of talk about Tom Hardy and the DC Universe recently. After playing Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, the actor was set to play Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad before dropping out. He then teased that he was re-teaming with Warner Bros. for something DC-related, which turned out to be an adaptation of Vertigo’s 100 Bullets. Despite this, Hardy has now expressed interest in returning to the mainstream DCU – and as Bane again, no less.

Speaking with MTV (transcription via Comic Book), Hardy was asked if he would be interested in returning to the DC Universe, presumably for a role in the growing DC Extended Universe. Hardy had heard the rumor that George Miller may direct Man of Steel 2, but he was told that it was just a rumor (for now). The actor then says that “Of course!” he would be up for another DC movie, adding, “I’m Bane!” 

Talk then turned to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will formally open up the DCEU. Regarding who would win between Batman and Superman, Hardy says he would like to take the matter into his own hands. “Somebody asked me, ‘Who would I want to win out in a fight between Superman and Batman?’ And I would like to hold the pair of them under the water until the bubbles stop.” 

While Hardy was an outstanding Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, that particular movie series is completely separate from the DCEU. Having an actor come back to play a character again, albeit a different version, may confuse audiences over whether or not the DCEU and The Dark Knight Trilogy are actually connected.

Of course, this doesn’t role out another role for Hardy in the future. Which DC character would you like Hardy to play?

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