Connor Hawke Will Appear on DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, But There’s a Twist

Both Arrow and The Flash have teased the arrival of Oliver Queen’s son, Connor Hawke, for two seasons now. Oliver had impregnated an unnamed woman, who many have speculated to be Sandra Hawke, leading to a son being born. However, Oliver does not know that he has a son yet. It has been expected that the child is Connor Hawke. And now, it looks like the character will be coming to the DC-CW Universe…but there’s a big twist.

ComicBook.com has confirmed with Warner Bros. that Connor Hawke will appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. That series has been casting for a biracial character who “decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope,” and it looks like that character is Connor.

However, WB confirms that this Connor Hawke is not the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. A bit confusing, given how the Oliver/Connor father-and-son plot has been teased. But, Legends of Tomorrow will deal heavily with time travel and alternate realities. Perhaps this Connor Hawke is an alternate one from the main universe’s…as a new Green Arrow, perhaps?

Expect official casting news to come soon. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will premiere early next year.

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