FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 2×02- “Flash of Two Worlds”

The Flash (2×02) – “Flash
of Two Worlds”
Written by: Aaron and Todd Helbing
Directed by: Jesse Warn

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Jay Garrick
has broken into STAR Labs to explain Zoom to Team Flash before he reveals that
on his Earth he was the Flash.  He
arrived on our Earth after Zoom defeated him before he was pulled through the
breach between worlds without his powers. 
Judging by him later locking Jay in the Pipeline, Barry seems less than
Elsewhere in Central City a small breach opens and Zoom
deposits a man on the ground and tells him his only path home is killing the

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin questions Jay as she gives him a
physical.  We learn that Jay’s origins
are similar to Barry’s though he was more an academic scientist that a forensic
scientist.  Meanwhile the rest of the
team discuss the concept of the Multiverse, where Stein dubs their Earth
“Earth-1” and Jay’s “Earth-2.”  Stein also points out the obvious problem
that there is an open dimensional breach in Central City.

At the Police Station, Joe ignores a phone call before an
officer named Patty Spivot introduces herself. 
The fresh academy graduate is eager to join Joe’s Meta-human taskforce,
however Joe says there’s no one else on the task force and he’s not interested
in her joining.

After locking up Jay, Barry races off to put out a store fire.  He makes impressively quick work of the fire
and is then confronted by the man Zoom has tasked with killing him.  A meta-human capable of turning into sentient
sand.  The two fight to a stalemate
before the man seems to disappear.  Barry
returns the next day to figure out the attack but other than being able to tell
the fire was arson he’s stumped. 

Cue Patty Spivot, after revealing she’s a fan of Barry’s she
shows Barry and Joe the flashpoint of the fire and she’s even pulled a print.  While Joe is still unimpressed, Barry is
intrigued by Patty.
Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin and Iris are still testing Jay
while Barry and Cisco inspect the sand left behind.  Fortunately for them, Jay has encountered the
man before and has dubbed him “Sand Demon.”  Barry still doesn’t want Jay’s help and the
two Flashes turn confrontational with each other.

Elsewhere in the labs, Cisco and Stein discuss ways to
detect the breach before Cisco studies the sand.  He has a vision similar to last week’s and
sees Barry and Sand Demon face off the night before.

Across town, Joe has tracked Eddie Slick aka Sand Demon’s
print and with help from Patty arrests the man. 
They take him back to the station and Joe interrogates the man while
Barry watch from the next room and flirts with Patty.  There’s a problem however, Eddie was in
Blackgate Prison the night of the Accelerator explosion so he can’t be a
metahuman.  Joe asks Barry if Jay was
right but Barry is still skeptical. 

When Barry arrives at STAR Labs, Cisco tells him that Sand
Demon’s “sand” works exactly as Jay says.  Cisco, Iris and Caitlin all seem convinced about
his story but Barry reminds them that he hasn’t really proved anything and
until they do they don’t need Jay’s help. 
Iris pulls him aside and asks why he’s so unwilling to trust Jay and he
points out the last time he trusted someone; Eddie, Ronnie and hundreds of
people died.

Joe releases Eddie Slick from custody, while he and Patty
start to discuss her eagerness to join Joe’s task force Slick returns.  Only this time it’s the Sand Demon, he knocks
out Joe and takes Patty prisoner to draw out the Flash.

Now desperate, Barry turns to Jay.  Jay instructs them to search for greenhouses
and that Sand Demon always uses a diversion. 
When Barry asks Jay how he’ll stop Jay offers to teach him a new way to
tap into the Speed Force and hurl the lightning he creates.  At his greenhouse hideout, Sand Demon has
Patty tied up and remember how he uses a diversion? Well Sand Demon has built a
concussive bomb and attaches it to the underside of the Patty’s chair.

While Stein Caitlin and Cisco are searching for Sand Demon,
Cisco decides to try and trigger his power again.  He sees him working on the bomb and sees
signs of where he is, Stein rouses him from his trance.  Cisco tells him he knows where to look
because of a hunch, Stein is unconvinced.

Meanwhile Barry and Jay are wrapping up what might have been
an epic training montage of Barry learned to throw lightning but he still
doesn’t have it down.  Jay advises him to
slow down and stop overthinking things. 
Cisco and Stein arrive and Cisco tells him where Slick is and he
“thinks” that Slick might use a bomb to slow Barry down.

Barry decides if Slick can use distractions, so can he.  They just need Jay’s uniform and Jay just
needs his helmet which he lost to the breach. 
Team Flash gives Jay his helmet back and the speedster move out.  Jay confronts Slick, and takes a beating for
the trouble.  Barry then arrives and
frees Patty but is stunned by the bomb. 
Eddie takes Jay hostage and Barry counters with a successful lightning
throw which turns Sand Demon into a pile of broken glass.

After a cool homage to this cover:

Caitlin patches Jay up back at STAR Labs and tries to help
him get over the loss of his powers and his world.  Barry arrives and he and Jay work out their
differences before they talk about Zoom. 
Jay believes that Zoom intend on not only being the best Speedster, but
the only Speedster in the multiverse.

Joe finds Patty back at work and he points out that he’s
researched her.  Patty reveals that Mark
Mardon murdered her father in cold blood and she’s driven herself to stopping
metahumans like the Mardons.  Joe is
impressed and welcomes her onto the task force. 
As he leaves Patty behind a woman approaches him.  She reveals herself to be his ex-wife, Iris’

Back at STAR Labs, Stein confronts Cisco on his
behavior.  Cisco reveals that he’s
terrified that because the powers came from the Accelerator Explosion that his
powers will corrupt him like powers corrupted others.  After Cisco swears Stein to secrecy, the
computer alerts them to their search for the Breach

Stein and Cisco then gather the team together and reveal
that there isn’t just one breach but Fifty-Two and the largest one is in STAR
Labs.  But before Stein can say anymore
he has some sort of attack and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, one another Earth, a group of Students are
touring a very forties sci-fi version of STAR Labs.  The tour guide sees a man and explains that
STAR Labs is the worldwide leader in scientific study thanks to “The Savior
of Central City,” Dr. Harrison Wells.

Very, very strong episode this week, carried primarily by
the common theme of trust between the three storylines.  Jay and Barry have a bit of a rivalry due to
Barry’s lingering doubts left behind by Eobard Thawne meanwhile, Jay is annoyed
and impatient with Barry for not seeing the problem as he does.  Still with Jay seemingly taking up some of the
role Thawne’s betrayal and death have left vacant their relationship should be
interesting over the course of Jay’s arc.

The introduction of Patty Spivot is also well done, she has
the right amount of eagerness that should be enough to throw suspicion on her
should the writers so desire.  It also helps
that Shantel VanSanten has some nice chemistry with Grant Gustin and Jesse L

Speaking of Jesse L Martin, it will interesting to see how
the return of Iris’ mother effects the West family and what other family
secrets come to light as a result. *cough*Wally*cough*

Though clearly in the backseat, it’s the Cisco and Stein
plotlines that have me intrigued.  I
cannot wait to see how they plan to explore Cisco’s powers and the emotional
toll they have on him.  As for Stein, I’m
sure this is setting the groundwork for Legends
of Tomorrow
but I find myself more hopeful that this can lead to the return
of Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond.

Sand Demon was a cool one off villain, but I could see Zoom
essentially saying, “Here fight this guy from Earth-X Flash”
potentially getting old so here’s hoping that the writers uses this plot device

If last week was about knocking the rust off and moving
again, this week was the show hitting their stride.

Three Things We
Learned This Week:

Zoom and Jay Garrick battled on Earth-2.
Dr. Harrison Wells is alive and well, after a
Patty Spivot and Barry Allen are fans of Monty

Three Four Questions:

Was Zoom also from Earth-2 or has he been
dimension hoping even longing that it seems?
Was Dr. Wells’ world Earth-2?
Is Patty all that she seems?
Where’s Quinn Mallory when you need him?

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