No, George Miller Will Not Direct the MAN OF STEEL Sequel

Recently, it has been rumored that George Miller was in talks to direct the Man of Steel sequel for Warner Bros. and DC. Last we heard, the follow-up film was pretty much his if he wanted it. However, the Mad Max: Fury Road mastermind has denied these rumors.
Speaking with Digital Spy, Miller said that he would like to direct a smaller-scale film next, saying, “I hope the next film I make is a very small film without any special effects and not many stunts.” This pretty much debunks the idea of him helming Man of Steel 2, as he adds, “There’s been some of that [talks with WB/DC] in the mix, but it’s, I’d say, probably not true.” 

Miller then goes on to recount how his planned Justice League: Mortal fell through, and he reaffirms that he grew up as a DC fan. While he may not direct Superman’s next solo adventure, Miller says he is open to helming another DC movie in the future, saying that superheroes are the “new incarnations” of Greek and Roman mythologies. Finally, he reveals that he loves Zack Snyder’s work.
So, while Miller could very well direct a DC Extended Universe installment in the future, it doesn’t sound like that will be Man of Steel 2. If the studio is still interested in putting the sequel out sooner than later, expect more directors’ names to come up in the rumor mill in the near future. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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