Zack Snyder Developing WATCHMEN TV Series For HBO

Before directing Man Of Steel, Zack Snyder brought another comic book to life on the big screen: Watchmen (and also 300). This film is highly regarded as being one of the best comic book movies of the time, and even now many will argue that it’s still among the greatest. He did an amazing job of fitting everything in the comic into just a single film, but many still believe too much was left out.

Well, it now looks like every fan of both the Watchmen comic and the film can celebrate as Collider is reporting that Snyder has been meeting with HBO to bring the characters to their network for a new TV series! Not only could we be getting much more Watchmen, but we could get the chance to see so much of the stuff that the movie wasn’t able to get to.

HBO confirmed in a statement to Variety that talks about the potential series are ongoing. “Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.”

The site doesn’t seem to know too much other than the fact that these meetings are taking place. This means that the purposed series could range from a prequel, to a sequel, to an entirely new adaptation of the comic. As much as I loved what Snyder did with the original, I wouldn’t mind him trying again with a new cast, but that doesn’t seem very likely to me. If they wanted to retell the comic, why would they bring Snyder back?

Who knows what they’ll do with it, assuming HBO is actually going to go through with the series. Whatever they plan on doing, I hope for the best. And of course, if you haven’t seen Snyder’s original film, I encourage you to see it. If you like anything else he’s done, you will probably love this. Seriously. That movie is awesome.

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