THEORY: The REAL Big Bad of the DCEU Has Been Hiding Under Our Noses

It appears that Zack Snyder is back at it again with ruining everyone’s childhood. Not only did he release the movie version of having explosive diarrhea after a night out at Applebee’s, but he had the brilliant idea of releasing a more extended version of this disaster (now with corn). Of course I’m talking about Batmeh v Supermeh: Yawn of I’m Gonna Kill Myself.
We’ve already talked about the theory that Snyder could potentially be a Marvel spy, but what’s the next step? What exactly is happening with the DCEU moving forward? Well, it’s quite obvious. Warner Bros. is not aware of the fact that Snyder is a Marvel spy, but they do know that they need to rework the entire DCEU to push control away from Snyder’s horribleness. I have evidence to prove that Warner Bros. is pushing to spin the DCEU in a whole new direction, without Snyder or Marvel knowing!
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, dumbass, why don’t you fucking kill yourself with a szabla, eh? How dafuq could WB trick Snyder when he clearly has the upper hand?” Well, first of all… shut up, I don’t know what a szabla is. Second of all, Warner Bros. is actually planting subtle teases so that once Snyder is gone, they have the foundation to build upon these teases and spin the universe in a completely original direction. Now, after all this, you’re probably asking what exactly this new direction is. Well, as I teased before, I have proof that Warner Bros. is setting up Felicity Smoak to be the main villain of the DCEU.
“Felicity Smoak? Ayyy you’re a dumbass.” Yeah, yeah, I know. Let me just explain something to you. When I say Felicity Smoak, I don’t just mean a version of her, I mean the version of Felicity on the CW‘s Arrow. This doesn’t mean that the CW shows and the films exist in the same universe though. In fact, they most certainly exist in alternate universes, which my entire theory hinges on.
You see, we already know for a fact that the CW shows and the DCEU are not on the same Earth, but we also know that the Flash on the CW shows, and presumably the Flash in the films, can travel across other Earths. That means that a connection is indeed possible. But we need more proof, and lucky for you, I have more proof that these timelines will cross, thus merging the two alternate universes. This has to do with the concept of doppelgangers.
As the shows have told us, everyone has a doppelganger. What they also told us is that these doppelgangers may or may not share the same name, which would explain Jay Garrick from Earth Three being the doppelganger of Henry Allen from Earth One. For those not familiar with the show, let’s put it like this: a doppelganger may share everything in common with its counterpart, or next to nothing at all, including name. This means that any character from the shows could be connected to any character from the movie as long as we assume that a series of circumstances has led to a doppelganger taking on a slightly different look, like perhaps using a different kind of skin care product.

Considering this, we can determine that some characters who we already know in the DCEU are actually doppelgangers of characters on the CW shows. For example, we can determine that Bruce Wayne is the film version of Oliver Queen. How do we know? Aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne is one of the only major DC heroes to not appear on a CW show, we know that Ben Affleck and Stephen Amell look identical enough that we won’t have to stretch our imagination to assume that they are the same person. In fact, a quick plug of these two actors in the pictriev.com similarity meter shows that they are 93% similar. 93%!!!
Now, a major problem arises here, and I have the answer. The problem, is that Wayne Tech was name dropped, via the newspaper from the future on The Flash. The answer to this is simple: since this newspaper is from the future, we can assume this all takes place AFTER the timelines crossed. The headline read “Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete.” Don’t you see the symmetry here? This is teasing that Wayne from the DCEU will work with Queen (remember, they’re the same character) from the CW shows, to form an ultimate cross-universe company, dedicated to fighting meta-humans.

It’s so obvious that they’re setting up the reveal that they are the same character, and with the Justice Society being introduced on Legends of Tomorrow, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was revealed on that show, or at least further teased. There are other hints that the universes will cross, but I’m sure you get the point. So let’s go back to the theory that I proposed: Felicity Smoak is the big bad of the DCEU. What proof is there?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are two things that we must keep in mind regarding doppelgangers:

1) They don’t NEED to have the same name

2) They don’t NEED to look exactly the same

Keeping this in mind, I suggest that Felicity in the DCEU is actually Jena Malone‘s Jenet Klyburn.
Before we go into this more, let’s keep in mind the two points I just mentioned. Since she doesn’t need to actually be called Felicity to be her doppelganger, and since she looks close enough to Emily Bett Rickards (they share 75% accuracy, after all!), there’s no real reason to assume that they can’t be doppelgangers.

What else can help us with our theory that Jenet Klyburn is actually Felicity Smoak? Well, first of all, Jenet can be seen in Batman V Superman with glasses and blonde hair, which are both signature traits of Queen Felicity. The fact that they would make this character look uncannily like Felicity is a very telling sign.

I know you guys think I’m an idiot, and that I’m stretching. But consider this: The version of Jenet Klyburn from the comics, has red hair and no glasses at all!
The film version is so radically different, that it’s pretty obvious to me that the name is just a red herring. It’s not hard to believe, since DC has been known to trick us before. Don’t believe me? Well what about when the introduced the alter ego of Cyborg Superman on Supergirl, only to reveal that it was actually Martian Manhunter in disguise the whole time!

It’s not hard to believe that this Jenet Klyburn character is actually Felicity Smoak’s doppelganger, and that the name was used instead of Felicity just so that Snyder wouldn’t catch onto Warner Bros.’s tricks. Finally, there’s one more piece of evidence, and it may seem like an obvious one: Felicity is simply much more famous than Jenet Klyburn. Why would DC introduce this unknown character, who only loser virgins have ever heard of before, instead of one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the DC Universe, Felicity Smoak?
It’s so painfully obvious guys! Jena Malone is definitely Felicity Smoak’s doppelganger! Now, how do we know she’ll be the main villain? Well, there isn’t too much that I was able to discover, but I did find a few points. First of all, Jena Malone’s character was deleted, just as Steppenwolf was deleted. As we know, Steppenwolf will be the Justice League‘s main villain in the first movie. This follows the same pattern. Jena Malone’s Felicity was deleted, because she isn’t going to be introduced until later, just like Steppenwolf.

Also, she is more popular than any other DC villain. If you walk down the street, and run into a random teenage girl, ask her who Darkseid is. What about Brainiac? Sinestro? Bizarro? Black Adam? Felicity Smoak?! DING DING DING. I guarantee that the average person will recognize Felicity’s name. As we know, DC is currently failing, seeing as how they released two garbage movies in a row, so they’re going to want to try really hard to make the general audience interested in the DC Universe, so why not add the one character that normal people know?
But how do we know that she will be the perfect villain? Well, Felicity is a strong, fierce woman with tons of attitude, who would work perfectly as a superhero movie villain, and also does not meet the description of any Marvel supervillain in the past. We also saw on Arrow that Felicity went through some rough patches, and even went emo for a short period of time. So, being a villain isn’t out of the ordinary. Plus, it would piss non-believers off, and quite frankly, that’s funny.

So there we are. Now, how will this play out? Here is my pitch:

-The universes will cross, thus bringing the CW Universe into the DCEU. This will happen in Ezra Miller‘s The Flash, but won’t be expanded upon until Justice League 2.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will kill Felicity (Jena Malone) so that she will be the one true Felicity.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will have broken up with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). This will happen in Arrow season 5, and will be the most emotional scene in television history.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will hook up with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), since he is Oliver‘s doppelganger and she wants to be with him.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will convince Bruce (Ben Affleck) to help her destroy the Justice League, since she wants power over the DCEU to win back Oliver. He will refuse to help her.

Bruce (Ben Affleck), alongside the rest of the Justice League, including the CW heroes, will take down Felicity and her army of robots that she built (since she’s a badass hacker, after all).

Bruce (Ben Affleck) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) will grab a beer, then merge Wayne Tech and Queen Inc (as I mentioned earlier). (Maybe even have some good ol’ fashioned doppelganger sex.)
So, there you have it! We have successfully proved that two time MTV Fandom Award Ship Of The Year winner Emily Bett Rickards WILL be appearing in the DCEU as fan favorite character Felicity Smoak.

The fact that WB would include this beloved character is reassuring to those who were disappointed in their previous films. Hopefully Zack Snyder (the Marvel spy)’s plan will fail soon, so that WB can implement their strategy to regain control of the DCEU from the grasp of Snyder. And when this all happens, remember who you heard this from.

 *Exclaimer: This was 100% satire, so don’t get your knickers in a twist. Death threats are appreciated, though not warranted.

Professional theorist and outer of spies.

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