DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW “Blood Ties” Review

The third episode of Legends Of Tomorrow fortunately continued the relative high quality of the previous episode, while mining into the series’ central premise further.

The central pairing of this episode was Rip Hunter and Sara Lance, with the two of them on a mission to destroy Savage’s funds and thus impede his eventual conquest of the world. Having taken a backseat in the previous episode, Blood Ties delved deeper in Hunter’s character, highlighting his deeply personal motive for wanting to stop Savage. The episode also revealed the “legends” were not his first attempt to end  the immortal mad-man; he initially attempted to kill Savage by traveling back to Middle Kingdom Egypt before Savage gained his immortality. This failed of course, and he further falters over the course of the episode by accidentally providing Savage with the name’s and pictures of his wife and child, ensuring Savage will be able to kill them in 2166. Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance continues to be a highlight; the episode highlighted her combat prowess excellently during the primary action sequences, and her Lazarus Pit-induced “blood lust” was tackled for the first time on Legends. While this plot-line may seem redundant due to a similar one happening concurrently on Arrow with Thea, Lotz’s superior acting skills and the arc fitting with Sara’s self-loathing for her past in the League Of Assassins alleviates this problem.
Another pairing featured in this episode were Jax with Snart & Rory, who travel to 1975 Central City to steal a valuable Emerald. At first it appeared as if greed were the motivating factor here, before it turns out Snart intends to give the stolen emerald to his father, thereby averting his father’s five year prison sentence and consequently the abuse he and his sister will suffer. While the plan is ultimately for naught, more of Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of Captain Cold is never a bad thing, and this plan deftly continued the show’s efforts at bringing depth to Snart’s character.
A third pairing partnered Stein with Ray, the latter of whom uses The Atom suit to enter the wounded Kendra’s blood stream and destroy fragments of the dagger Savage stabbed her with in the last episode. Seeing the two scientists of the team collaborate was entertaining, although the “Fantastic Voyage” style plot concerning Kendra was not particularly compelling, and lacked any sort of real weight. A far more interesting wrinkle concerning the Hawks was unveiled this week; Savage has his followers drink the blood of the dead Hawks (in this case, only Carter Hall’s cadaver was available) as a means to provide them with a version of his immortality. The scenes revealing and concerning this were creepily unsettling, providing an almost occult atmosphere.
Overall, Legends Of Tomorrow is rapidly becoming the most enjoyable entry of the CWverse, and now that the show has shifted its setting from 1975, hopefully the premise can be mined for it’s full potential. 
Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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