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The WOBAM BEACON Newsletter – April 26th, 2021 – MORE Podcasts, Mortal Kombat, and Captain America!

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Press Kit

Running a small pop culture site isn’t easy, and our team is no stranger to those challenges. As we continue our journey of growth, spreading our vision for a healthier fandom, we’ve made a revised press kit that shares everything we’re about. This will help us share our values going forward as we seek to partner with others.

You can check out the new press kit here!

(MORE) New Members of the Family!

Our little team just keeps growing more and more. Last month we introduced you to three new podcasts in the WOBAMfam, and this month we’d like you to meet two more.

The Double Turn Podcast is a wrestling podcast shepherded by Jorge Aquino and Ross Williamson, aka Boss Ross and the J-Man. Hailing from Arizona, the two lead the show with all the professionalism of radio and all the fanfare of a cage match. Taking it’s name from the infamous Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart double turn in Wrestlemania XIII, the show dives deep into the ins and outs of professional wrestling, with longform conversations, reviews, and retrospectives. The show’s archive is available now.

And coming to us from WOBAM veteran Katie Rentschler, Slice of Film a bi-weekly digest of film hacking through forgotten oldies and some newer gems with the sharp aid of a guest. To date, Katie’s covered classics like Driving Miss DaisyThe Princess Bride, and Blade Runner and modern hits like La La Land and Godzilla vs Kong. The show is part of the Geek Ultimate Alliance podcasting network, but WOBAM is where you’ll find episode archives, new posts, and exclusive written content for the show. The show’s archive is available now.

With all these new shows joining WOBAM, I’m thinking we might have just completed the gauntlet, y’all. 💯

Having these and our other creator-owned shows in the WOBAM stable is an honor above honors, and we look forward to all the awesome they’ll produce in the future.

And be sure to look for more wrestling content in the coming months as Thomas Kelly brings us his written reviews for All Elite Wrestling!


Poster for Mortal Kombat

Finish him! The new Mortal Kombat movie is finally here, and the Thunderous Wizard himself has our written review neatly packaged for your enjoyment. Is this movie mediocre? Is it great? Who knows, but it sure looks fun!

Mike and John also took a dip into Outworld with not one, but TWO reviews! Honestly, we’re just going to changing our name to Mortal Kombat Fansite at this point.

Jason took a deep dive into Star Wars, looking at five ideas to refresh the series. His ideas draw heavily from Legends, and it would honestly be pretty cool to see that Sith Civil War he pitches. Make it so, Kathleen Kennedy!

Also from Jason are his ever eclectic reviews for The Flash. Reviews for episodes 7×05, 7×06, and 7×07 are up now.

Paul has ideas on how the MonsterVerse can continue after Godzilla vs Kong. TBH, we just want a Mothra solo movie. What’s cooler than a gigantic moth wrecking havok and looking fly while doing it? (Nothing, the answer is nothing.)

The Hops & BO Flops crew have new reviews up for Fight Club, Pacific Rim, and Hulk. And if you didn’t sing the subtitle of that Hulk episode out loud, trust us, you should do that and your day will be greener for it.

TDT dropped their collab episode with the Ultra Heelz Podcast, with Boss Ross and J-Man bringing us almost two hours of raw discussion on everything but RAW. 😎

The Fanboy dropped three new episodes this month, where Mario talks shop on industry trends, Ray Fisher vs Warner Bros, Chris Terrio’s tell-all in Vanity Fair, and DC’s history with Zack Snyder.

The Amateur Otaku is staying active on their channel, where Brandon, Isak, and Michael “All Mike” Thomas recently started dropping reviews for My Hero Academia. The first and second installments are available now, Deku.

And finally, Mike and John at the Movies dropped their review for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and it’s a BLAST. The show was phenomenal, and the finale gets a legendary status from us. 6 out of 5 stars!

Shining the Beacon on Others

Last month we did a shoutout to Someone Dies In This Elevator. Created by Tal Minear and WOBAM contributor Colin J. Kelly, the show wraps its crowdfunding TODAY! If you enjoy quality, financially sustainable audio fiction, please support the show by chipping in. $5 gets you early episode access, and there’s more tiers available if it’s goodies you’re after.

The podcast feed is totally free and the first episode dropped today, so be sure to take a listen and follow the show on Twitter

Click above to hear Someone Dies In This Elevator on Spotify!

Also releasing today is Shipworm, a new audio fiction from the folks behind Limetown and 36 Questions. The show is described as a “first of its kind feature-length audio movie,” which is quite a bold claim. The show stars Quentin Earl Darrington and Miriam Silverman, and follows the character of Wallace Conway, who “wakes up to find he’s been implanted with an untraceable earpiece while sleeping. So long as he does everything the voice on the other end tells him, he and his family will live.” The show is available now, and we’re excited to see what separates this feature-length work from the rest of the pack. It’s good to have the folks at Two-Up back in action! 💯

Click above to hear Shipworm on Spotify!

On April 20th, Google honored the late Luther Vandross with a doodle by artist Sam Bass. The doodle is short and sweet, a jivey reminder that Vandross was a master tenor. But the animation here is just superb. Sam creatively honor’s Vandross’ life by showing how his music affected others. It’s beautiful, and oh so worth 89 seconds of your time. Check it out by clicking the image bellow, and be sure to check out Sam Bass’ website for more of his work.

Click above to watch the video!

Finally, over on YouTube, Spawn Wave recently did a video discussing the growth and explosion of Xbox Game Pass. For all of us quietly watching the video game space and wondering if Microsoft will bring Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch or PS5, it’s an intriguing update.

Click above to watch the video!

Wrap-up and Salutations

Thanks for reading The Beacon, WOBAMers! As always, you can let us know what you thought by replying, reaching us via our contact page, or shooting us a message over on social media. Is there something you’d like us to share next month? Please let us know so we can keep out beacon shining on others!

Until next time; take it a day at a time, and keep on going.

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