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OFFICIAL: Slice of Film Joins WOBAM Entertainment!

WOBAM’s been through many phases of existence, and Katie Rentschler has been there through most of them. Having served as Deputy Editor and web designer for our site, she stepped away in 2019 to pursue other ventures like Full Circle Cinema, Geek Ultimate Alliance, Revenge of the Fans, and her own blog, Slicer Scribbles.

Obviously we’ve stayed in touch, and what’s been exciting is watching Katie grow in these creative ventures. With WOBAM also experiencing a new and exciting phase of growth, the opportunity presented itself for us to work together again and offer a home for Katie’s podcast, Slice of Film.

Part of the Geek Ultimate Alliance podcasting network, Slice of Film is a bi-weekly digest of film hacking through forgotten oldies and some newer gems with the sharp aid of a guest. To date, Katie’s covered classics like Driving Miss Daisy, The Princess Bride, and Blade Runner and modern hits like La La Land and Godzilla vs Kong.

The show will continue its partnership with Geek Ultimate Alliance, but WOBAM is where you’ll find episode archives, new posts, and exclusive written content for the show. It’s an honor to have Katie back in the WOBAMfam for our 7th podcast!

You can follow Slice of Film on Twitter @sliceoffilm1 and follow Katie @sliceofkatie.

And stay tuned to WOBAM Entertainment for more film and podcast content coming your way!

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