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OFFICIAL: The Double Turn Podcast Joins WOBAM Entertainment!

It’s not everyday we get a request to bring new content to WOBAM, and it’s rare for that talent’s passion for a topic to win you over completely.

WOBAM is no stranger to wrestling content, but we’ve never fully embraced it as a staple. Pro Wrestling is full of the same tropes found in comics and superhero stories, both genres contain larger than life characters, and figures from the ring have graced the small and silver screens with growing frequency.

As we seek to grow a platform where creators can share their passions with others and foster community, we are proud to announce that The Double Turn Podcast is joining WOBAM Entertainment.

TDT is shepherded by Jorge Aquino and Ross Williamson, aka Boss Ross and the J-Man. Hailing from Arizona, the two lead the show with all the professionalism of radio and all the fanfare of a cage match. Taking it’s name from the infamous Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart double turn in Wrestlemania XIII, the show dives deep into the ins and outs of professional wrestling, with longform conversations, reviews, and retrospectives. You might even hear other WOBAMers on the show from time to time.

So buckle up your title belts. This is wrestling, Double Turn style.

You can follow J-Man and Boss Ross on Twitter @TDTwrestlingpod and @BossRossTDT, on Instagram @thedoubleturnpodcast, and on podcast platforms everywhere.

And keep your eyes on WOBAM Entertainment for more wrestling content coming your way in the near future.

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