The WOBAM BEACON Newsletter – September 28th, 2021 – Summer Ketchup

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Did you miss us? Well we missed you! Yes it is September, and yes our last newsletter *was* in May. But you know what? We had a good summer, and we hope you did too.

Even though the newsletter took a break, our little site kept on moving right along with tons of content to feast your eyes and ears on. Let’s catch up on what we missed, shall we?

Live feed of Isak’s brain after reading that last sentence.


The Poster for F9: The Fast Saga

The Hops crew keeps a very busy schedule (that’s pronounced shee-djoo-uhl), and as a result they dropped a ton of content over the Summer which includes some nice treats for Bruce Willis fans. On the site, you’ll find episodes on Walking Tail, The Rundown, The Void, Conan the Barbarian (the reboot one), Krull, Legend, F9: The Fast Saga (the ninth one), A Good Day to Die Hard (the fifth one!!!), The Suicide Squad (the second one), Cop Out, Hudson Hawk, Last Man Standing (not to be confused with the Tim Allen show), The Program, and Side Out. Check em out, or else the Thunderous Wizard will zap you with a hard seltzer (or maybe not)!

The Double Turn has dropped 14(!!!) new episodes since our last newsletter, where Boss Ross and the J-Man talk everything from NXT, AEW, WWE, and Summerslam. Check it out!

Katie Rentschler has been keeping it steady over at Slice of Film this summer. She’s got episodes on her Top 5 Films (#1 may surprise you, poppet) A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place Part II, F9: The Fast Saga, Jungle Cruise, Jem and The Holograms, and Reminiscence. That’s 17 slices for the price of 7, y’all! Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Amateur Otaku has seen a few shakeups recently! Isak and Brandon are now putting most of their focus on YouTube, where you’ll find reviews for everything from Eden Zero to My Hero Academia Season 5. And to help these fine gents out, Mr. Leo Rydel of Geekly Goods and our very own Michael Thomas have been assisting as co-hosts. Since our last episode, the crew has dropped 26 episodes, which you can check out right now!

Mike & John served up their reviews for In The Heights, F9: The Fast Saga, Black Widow, Loki, and Space Jam: A New Legacy. Mike & John are taking an extended hiatus from their show to focus on new projects, but we’ll letcha know when and where you can hear them next. 💯

Finally, Isak has reviews up for Famicom Detective Club, Mario Golf Super Rush, Pokemon Unite, Monster Hunter Stories 2, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Neo: The World Ends With You, Jason published reviews for The Flash episodes 7×12, 7×13, 7×14, 7×15, 7×16, 7×17, and 7×18, and Mike dropped book reviews for I Am Not Starfire and Suki Alone (Avatar: The Last Airbender). What a summer!

Shining the Beacon on Others

Michael Thomas recently joined the ranks of the Collider as a contributing writer! As much time as Mike’s given to WOBAM, we couldn’t be happier for this next step in his career. Thank you for all the years of time and effort here at WOBAM, and congrats on getting the big bucks! We look forward to the inevitable piece titled “How Avatar: The Last Airbender is Western Animation’s Magnum Opus.”

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Over the summer, Jad Abumrad, Shima Oliaee, and the team at Radiolab produced a new mini-series titled The Vanishing of Harry Pace. It tells the story of the first black owned record label, its rise and fall, its legacy, and the stains of redlining and erasure in the 20th century. The show is well researched and documented, highly educational, and the places it goes are jaw dropping in the best of ways. Check it out on WNYC Studios!

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Wrapping their first season in May, the crew at 7 Lamb Productions released Tower 4. The show follows Mike, a fire watch in Wyoming on his first assignment and the mysterious happenings going on in the woods. If it sounds a little like the video game Firewatch, it totally is! But in a good way. The show carves out a special space for itself, and the story Robert M. Lamb and Dylan Whitehead are crafting is quite engaging. The first season made for an excellent binge watch, and Season Two is already in production, so be sure to check it out!

Thank you, heroes.

Finally, we’d like to shine the beacon on all our frontline workers fighting COVID-19. The pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, and just when we thought we’d seen the light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel grew just a little longer. But it is because of our heroes on the frontlines that this pandemic inches a little closer to the ashes of history. Our hearts continue to go out to those who have lost loved ones; their memories and their love can never be taken away.

Wrap-up and Salutations

Thanks for reading The Beacon, WOBAMers! As always, let us know what you thought by replying, reaching out via our contact page, or shooting us a message over on social media. Is there something you’d like us to share next month? Please let us know so we can keep our beacon shining on others!

Until next time; take it a day at a time, and keep on going.

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