SUPERGIRL Expected to Be Ordered to Series; The CW to Premiere First ARROW/FLASH Spin-Off Footage Next Month

The more time that passes the more I’ve come to think of TV
Pilot season like the NFL Draft with sites like Variety like the talking heads
on ESPN.  To run with that metaphor, the
last few years DC Entertainment have become the perennial powerhouse school
that cranks out NFL talent in every year’s draft.
Among this year’s crop of hopefuls are Supergirl and the officially unnamed Flash/Arrow Spinoff.  Both
shows have the weight of Warner TV, DC and Greg Berlanti behind them, and both
have picked up quite a bit of buzz.
First up, is the Flash/Arrow
spin-off that is in development for the CW: 
The series starring Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill and Caity
Lotz will have a first-look trailer at the CW upfront presentation in May.
As for the Maiden of Might, there had been rumblings that
CBS might let the series go over to the CW alongside Flash and Arrow. However, this seems doubtful, as the show will likely be too expensive for the smaller
network.  Something else to consider is
that CBS is currently one of the few networks without some sort of comic based
property on their network.  Variety
describes the series’ chances for pick-up to be good.
Source – Variety
The Untitled
Flash/Arrow Spin-off
is in development at Warner Television and the CW

Supergirl is in
development at Warner Brothers and CBS.

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