OFFICIAL: 7 Days of BLACK PANTHER on Astonishing Marvels

Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster, Black Panther, is almost here. To celebrate the release of the historic film, we at Astonishing Marvels are pleased to announce our latest series of original posts dedicated to the upcoming motion picture.

For one week beginning on Saturday, February 10th, we will post a new article every day inspired by Black Panther, the character’s history in comics and other media, and our hopes for future films. This will lead up to our review of the Black Panther movie.

Below is our tentative schedule: 

Day 1 (February 10th): Black Panther BET Series Review
Day 2 (February 11th): Five Characters We Want to See in Black Panther 2
Day 3 (February 12th): Five Storylines to Consider for Black Panther 2
Day 4 (February 13th): Captain America: Civil War Review
Day 5 (February 14th): Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther Review
Day 6 (February 15th): Black Panther The Album Review
Day 7 (February 16th): Black Panther Review
We look forward to visiting the world of Black Panther in celebration of the film’s release. Stay tuned.

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