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GOTHAM Review; Scarification

Warning: This review contains spoilers

The first few episodes of ‘Gotham’ were a vast improvement on last season. The tine was more consistent, the villains are better and Bruce is not the focal point of the story. Some of that changes is this episode.
We see that the Penguin is still trying to find his mother, and his worrying driving him insane. This is an interesting arc for the Penguin. I believed that he would be more in control and strong. After the progress of the last season. I didn’t think he would return to wining  like the first season. Though It is justified after what Galavan has put him through.
Galavan’s real plan was finally revealed. With the Wayne’s basically wiping out his family (the dumas). This is an interesting twist, with The Wayne’s kind of being the bad guys as well. while I do like this idea; I do not want Bruce Wayne to be a main character in the story. This shows is best when Jim is the lead, and while Bruce is good in a supporting role, I don’t want him tied into the main plot.

Galavan wants to burn down the Wayne’s buildings, and he wants Penguin to do it. Penguin sends Butch to find the city’s best arsonist. Butch asks for Selina’s help to get the Pike brothers. The Pike’s are loyal to Fish Mooney and don’t any part in helping Penguin, but since Mooney loved Selina they did them the favor. We see their sister, Bridget, who they treat like a slave. With Bridget being a former friend of Selina’s, she tries to help her by telling her to be strong. This was a good moment for Selina, as she is often portrayed as being selfish and heartless. The whole story with Bridget and the Pike brothers was decent.
The brothers were over the top, but as are most characters on this show. Bridget (Michelle Veintmilla) was a good character, who had a good story arc. Seeing her become a version of Firefly after having to help her brothers was a nice change for the character.

With Jim finding out that the arsonist is targeting Wayne building, the task force plans a stake out. They try to stop Bridget, but she uses her flam thrower and kills one of the officers. With Birdget cornered Selina comes to her rescue and helps her escape. It’s going to be interesting to see how long Bridget will stay with Selina, I can’t imagine that she would go back to her brothers.
The fact that Galavan seems to be apart of a Court of Owls-like plot is intriguing. Hopefully things don’t get to crazy, well crazier.
 Overall this episode was closer to season one’s episodes of Gotham, but it was still a solid outing.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.


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