Yes, Mark Hamill’s Trickster Will Return for THE FLASH Season Two

In addition to playing Luke Skywalker and voicing The Joker, Mark Hamill’s other recurring role is that of Flash villain Trickster. He played the character in the 1990 The Flash series, voiced him in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, and even played an older version of James Jesse in The CW’s The Flash last season.

For the latter, Hamill’s Trickster was easily one of the most memorable villains of the season, rivaling Reverse-Flash and Captain Cold. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that he will return to The Flash for the show’s second season.

Hamill confirmed the news on Twitter, and it was later reaffirmed by ComicBook.com. Hamill admitted that his return was supposed to be kept a secret, but a selfie with a fan pretty much ruined that.

It is unknown which episode of The Flash this season will see Trickster’s return. But expect an official update to come soon.

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