CBS Swaps Episodes 4 and 5 of SUPERGIRL Following Paris Attacks

Following the appalling terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, CBS is pulling a couple of terrorism-centered episodes that were previously scheduled to air tomorrow. One of these episodes is Supergirl.

Episode four of Supergirl, titled “How Does She Do It?”, would have seen Kara dealing with bombings in National City. In its place tomorrow night, CBS will air the “Livewire” episode, which will see Kara’s mother paying a visit and the debut of DC villain Livewire. This was set to be the fifth episode of the series and was originally scheduled for next week.

It is unknown what CBS plans to do with “How Does She Do It?” now. Will the network air it at a later time, perhaps edited? Or will it be scrapped all together? Either way, this is a good move by CBS, as airing a television episode dealing with terrorist attacks right after a real-life attack takes place is not exactly a great idea.

Stay tuned for more updates as we have them.

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