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GOTHAM Review: Tonight’s The Night

Warning: This review contains spoilers

Barbara is back! Every time Barbara and Jim interact we are in for a treat. With Galavan needing Jim distracted the reasoning behind Barbara appearing felt natural. What makes this season better than the last is that it is more focused, not one episode has felt like filler so far which helps keep the audience interested. With Galavan finally letting Barbara off of her leash she is ready get what she’s always wanted, the chance to kill Jim Gordon. 
She casually walks in to the GCPD (which has worse security than S.T.A.R. Labs,), and asks to speak to Jim. Gordon decides to speak with Barbara, and tries to get answers out of her. Naturally she doesn’t give him anything, but she does send him on a wild goose chase where he gets ambushed and kidnapped. Jim needs to realize that he’s not Batman, he can’t just walk into any situation thinking he’ll come out victorious. He knew it was a trap, but he allowed it to happen anyway. 

This leads to Barbara having this twisted version of a wedding, the preacher and all of the guest are tied up and held hostage in this creepy looking church. Jim has a very tense confrontation with Barbara leading to her bringing Leslie into the fray. This scene was very Burton-ish, it felt like something that would happen in ‘Batman Returns’, which is great. ‘Gotham’ has always felt like it was trying to emulate Tim Burton’s Batman universe. Leslie and Babs go back and forth until Barbara decides to kill Leslie. Thankfully Leslie was able to distract her by complementing her wedding dress (wait what?). This gives Jim enough time to get free and stop Barbara. 
Once Bullock and the rest of the task force find them Jim is already chasing Barbara to the top floor of the church. Barbara ends up falling out of the window plummeting to her apparent death.
In the last few episode we’ve lost Jerome and Barbara, this show is slowly getting rid of the crazies from season one. 
Before Barbara died she did give Jim some valuable information about Galavan. We find about that the Mayor has been alive all this time! This gives the police the evidences they need to arrest Galavan. 
Barbara was one of the weirdest characters I have ever seen. She was a love interest, a murderer, a cheater, and an asylum patient. I’m not sure if Barbara will be missed, but she certainly won’t be forgotten.  

With Barbara distracting Gordon and the GCPD, Galavan will try to get Bruce to sign over Wayne Enterprise to him. It’s a great plan because Galavan apparently knows who killed the. something he uses as leverage against Bruce. Knowing Galavan he’s probably the one who had Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered in the first place. This leads to some moral conflict for Bruce, on one hand he wants to know who killed his parents and why, on the other hand he doesn’t want to give away his family’s business. It’s a tough decision for a child to make, but somehow Bruce always finds himself in these situations. 
Bruce decides he doesn’t want to sign the company over to Galavan. Right before Galavan gives a response the GCPD arrests him for kidnapping and torturing the mayor.
Before Bruce can find out who killed his parents Galavan throws the envelop with the name into the fireplace. This story took a back seat to the Barbara/Gordon storyline, but it is still very important. Bruce is still hurting from that night in Crime Alley, and even though over a year has past the pain will not go away. With Galavan now in police custody I wonder what’s going to happen between Bruce and Silver. Surely this will cause a rift between the two. This also gives Bruce another push to becoming Batman which is always good. That scene in the cave was another nod to Bruce becoming The Dark Knight.

This brings us to the third plot line in the episode, Eddie tries to bury Ms. Kringle’s body. This was definitely the funniest thing about the episode. Eddie is trying to give Ms. Kringle a proper burial, but is interrupted when a hunter comes snooping around. This leads to Eddie hitting the man in the head with a shovel knocking him unconscious. Now Eddie has to to find a way to get rid of another body. Which then leads to him having to go get a saw so he can kill this man before he can get help. When Eddie comes back he finds out that yet another person has seen the box that has Ms. Kringle’s body! Eddie follows a trail of blood leading him to this cabin deep in the woods. We find out that Penguin is being help in this cabin and is covered in blood as he begs for Eddie’s help. 
We see that Eddie is now one with the dark side, he’s far to willing to kill these two men for him to be sane. The big question here is; Why is Penguin locked up in the woods? Did Galavan put him here? It will be interesting to see if Eddie decides to help Penguin, and if he does how long will they work together?

Overall this was another good episode. The entire cast knows about Galavan, so how will things be going forward? With Galavan being as smart and prepared as he is, he’s bound to have a trick up his sleeve. We just need to figure out what it is. Also, with The Riddler being my favorite Batman villain, I can’t wait to see if Eddie embraces is the Riddler persona and becomes an antagonist in the second half of the season.    

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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