DC TV News Bits: Cisco to Appear on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, THE FLASH Casts New Villain, Streaming Service Wants to Revive CONSTANTINE

It is inevitable that major characters from The Flash and Arrow will guest star on the third series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Green Arrow, Flash and Black Canary are confirmed, with more on the way. One of these will be Cisco Ramon.

Actor Carlos Valdes confirms to Entertainment Weekly that Cisco will be crossing over into Legends of Tomorrow in an early episode. He says, “I did get to do an interesting take on this character on Legends of Tomorrow.” Time travel is a huge part of Legends, so could this take on Cisco be a younger or older version? Or even one with a more super-heroic Vibe? (Sorry, I had to.)

On The Flash, Cisco became romantically involved with Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl. However, that relationship pretty much ended when Carter Hall/Hawkman entered the picture. Let’s see how Cisco fits into Legends of Tomorrow, which premieres January 21st on The CW.

Speaking of The Flash, the show has cast a new villain. According to ComicBook.com, Heroes Reborn alum Marco Grazzini is set to play Joey Montelone, aka Tar Pit. On the series, Tar Pit is yet another vengeful metahuman who has “the ability to transform into molten asphalt. When he crosses paths with The Flash, Tar Pit uses his powers to gain a tactical advantage over the Scarlet Speedster, who finds the ground literally shifting beneath his feet.” 

It is unknown which episode will mark Tar Pit’s debut, or if he will be another random “Villain of the Week” for Flash to beat up on. Time will tell.

Finally, fans who have been hoping to see the Constantine series return may have a new sign of hope. According to DC Comics News, new streaming service TVtibi is in talks with Warner Bros. to acquire the rights to the show and to continue it. The service confirmed this on Facebook, and it allegedly became interested in the project thanks to the popularity of Change.org’s “Save Constantine” petition.

TVtibi wants to show The CW that, if it were to pick up Constantine, crossovers with Arrow and its spinoff shows are “viable.” John Constantine recently guest starred on Arrow, and it would be great to see him return in this universe. However, one huge hurdle in TVtibi’s quest is to find a co-producer. It is an uphill battle for the newcomer service, and it will be interesting to see if it’s successful. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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