REVIEW: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Pokemon XD Gale Darkness is a sequel to Pokemon Colosseum. It takes place in the same region,
but a couple of years after the events
that happened in the previous game. While you don’t play as the same character
as before, the objective is still the same, and the use of only double battles is here as well.

How does it compare compared to Colosseum? It has its advantage towards it, but also disadvantages.

Unlike ColusseumGale of Darkness allows you to save wherever you are, compared to Coliseum who
hade the idiotic inclusion of save stations. Something that Gale of Darkness also has improvements
on is about purification (which is the part of how you heal the monsters). Here
in Gale of Darkness, you have something called the purify chamber, something
Colusseum never had. In this chamber, the player is allowed to purify nine
pokemon at the same time.

In the prequel, the only option was fighting, walking, or buying massages; while
I didn’t have anything against it being the only three options (which are obtainable in Gale of Darkness as well), I can’t help but look at the sequel and breathe a sigh of relief since the other three halt your story progression. Granted you
don’t need to purify everyone in Colosseum or Gale of Darkness to win against
the bad guys. But if you want to clear 100% (discounting the “catch them all”
thing) that’s something you need to do in both.

Another aspect that is new to this game compared to Colosseum is the ability to
catch wild Pokemon. Considering the more challenging aspects that came with the
territory of Colosseum, I’m a bit iffy on it. While it made sense from a story
perspective, looking back at the progression of the two, it also made the
game lose something that made it unique. Luckily, the options
you have when it comes to wild pokemon are rather limited as well, so there’s
that at least.

If there is anything left to compare between the two, then it’s this. While I find Gale
of Darkness
to be the better game when it comes to the mechanics, I do
prefer Colusseum when it comes to the story. It’s a shame that they didn’t continue
with this “alternative universe,” especially when they hinted at a sequel during Gale of Darkness.

I recommend this game for the same reason I recommend Colusseum. Do you want
a more strategy focused title with a fresh coat of paint? Then get this game.

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