Highlights From Last Night’s DC FILMS: DAWN OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE Special

Last night, The CW aired a thirty minute-special titled “DC Films: Dawn of the Justice League,” which offered a new look at the DC Extended Universe. We previously shared the new trailer for Suicide Squad, as well as the first footage from next year’s Wonder Woman movie. But now, we’re going to look at other key segments from the special.

The following contains everything from new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice footage to concept art of The Flash and Cyborg to an update on Green Lantern Corps. Check out the rundown below. To watch the special in its entirety, head over to The CW’s website.

Another Look at Batman v Superman

The special takes another glimpse inside Batman v Superman, the movie that will formally kick off the DCEU. Director Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, and cast members from the film talk about the plot, Lex Luthor’s role, how it leads into Justice League and much more. 

There are also some snippets of new footage sprinkled throughout the three-minute segment, consisting of Superman, Bruce Wayne, Batman, the prologue and more. 

Overall, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks to be a strong beginning to the DCEU, setting the stage for many more movies to come.

First Look at The Flash

Talk turns to 2018’s The Flash, which will star Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster. The character will, of course, be featured in Justice League, following a small role in Batman v Superman. Here, Geoff Johns breaks down Flash’s origin story, while Miller weighs in with an explanation of his powers. There’s also more concept art of the cinematic Flash’s suit, as well as Barry Allen himself.

From what we can tell here, the DCEU Flash will certainly be different from The CW’s television take, but it will still be faithful to the source material. This should be fun.

Aquaman Rises

Another Justice Leaguer spotlighted is Aquaman, who will star in his own movie in 2018. Again, Johns breaks down the character’s origin, while new concept art of the King of Atlantis is shown. Jason Momoa comments on Aquaman being both a man and a god, and he expressed interest in seeing him learn how to use his powers.

Aquaman will heavily explore the undersea world of Atlantis, offering a unique environment in the comic book movie genre. And, if this concept art is anything to go by, Aquaman is finally about to be taken seriously by the general audience.

Cyborg is Coming

Next, we have an update on Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, another Justice Leaguer. This character will headline his own movie in 2020. Again, Johns describes the powers and origin of Cyborg, and we have a couple pieces of concept art featuring the character. The costume design, from what we can tell, looks…interesting, to say the least. Meanwhile, Fisher comments on Cyborg’s struggles and his technological powerset.

Cyborg looks to be another unique superhero for the DCEU, and it’s great to see a character such as him receive this much recognition.

Update on Green Lantern Corps

Finally, we have a small update on 2020’s Green Lantern Corps. Not much was said about this one, really. Johns reaffirmed that these characters will be a part of the Justice League universe (obviously), while saying that space is one of the many environments that will be explored in the DCEU.

And, that’s pretty much it. This special was a lot of fun, and hopefully, Warner Bros. will do something like this again in the future.

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