LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s Marc Guggenheim Explains *That* Twist From This Week’s Episode

Last night, The CW aired the second half of the two-hour pilot for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. A lot happened in this week’s installment; Martin Stein encountered his younger self, Arrow‘s Damien Darhk made an appearance, and tension continued to rise between Atom and Captain Cold.

However, the episode ended with a shocking twist that proved that nobody is safe on this show. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim weighs in on the reasoning behind this twist, and what it means for the future.

Warning: The Following Contains MAJOR SPOILERS From Last Night’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode.

So, the latest attempt to take out Vandal Savage was unsuccessful, as the villain kills Carter Hall, aka Hawkman. This happened just as he and Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, began to draw closer and embrace their romantic destiny. But now, it’s up to Kendra to kill Savage.

Guggenheim explains to Variety why Hawkman was killed off, and how it will affect Kendra. “The first thing we were searching for was, how do we establish very quickly the stakes of the show, particularly when you have all these people who are so powerful? The idea of losing one of their own spoke to us very strongly. It’s always a decision based on what’s gonna give us the most story, and the idea of Kendra losing the person who is helping guide her through this brand new experience of being a reincarnated hawk demigoddess, taking that support system away from her so that A: she’d have to deal with it and B: she’d have to lean on the other members of our team… that really spoke to us. We realized, as with all things, an idea comes up and if we start going ‘oh, then this can happen, and this can happen, and this…’ that’s when we know it’s the right idea.”

Carter’s death also acts as a catalyst for the rest of the team, reaffirming their desire to take out Vandal Savage once and for all. Kendra will also draw closer to fellow teammates.

But, will Carter come back? Legends of Tomorrow does deal heavily with time travel, and The Flash introduced the Multiverse, which has infinite Earths with infinite doppelgangers of different characters. Guggenheim confirms that Carter will return, perhaps as a past or future iteration, but his death will not be undone. “You haven’t seen the last of Falk Hentschel — I will say that in episode 3 we very clearly state that we can’t go back and just save Carter’s life. Because that would be way too convenient and also, quite frankly, completely vitiate the point of killing off a character in the first place. So we’re very clear about the rules.” He adds, “The thing about Carter is, he doesn’t resurrect, he reincarnates, and when you reincarnate, you come back as a baby. You haven’t seen the last of Falk, but at the same time, we’re not doing Hawkbaby on the show.”

So, a very emotional and unexpected twist here. What did you think of the two-part pilot for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

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