DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-Inspired Version of Green Arrow is Coming to DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will utilize time travel to its full potential, heavily exploring both the past and the future. It was previously confirmed that past and/or future versions of both Green Arrow and The Flash will appear on the series. Now, it has been revealed that we’ll be getting a look at Oliver Queen’s future this season, and fans of The Dark Knight Returns will get a kick out of this.

ComicBook.com has confirmed that Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow will return in episode six of Legends of Tomorrow this season. The episode will be set in 2046, and we’ll be seeing a very different Oliver Queen. Not only will he don his iconic goatee, but he will be missing his left arm. This takes obvious influence from The Dark Knight Returns, which depicted an elderly Queen assisting Batman in his climatic battle against Superman.

Additionally, the episode will mark the debut of Connor Hawke, Oliver’s son in the comics. However, it was previously reported that that aspect will not be adapted into Legends of Tomorrow for some reason.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about the news. “Every once and a while, we do an episode where the 10-year-old me has to pinch himself. We’re not only introducing our version of Connor Hawke to our universe, we’re going to meet the 2046 version of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell is going to be reprising his role from Arrow… As an added bonus to comic-book fans, Oliver is missing his left arm and will be sporting a goatee, in a nod to the character’s appearance in the seminal Dark Knight Returns. We think this episode features some of the coolest things we’ve ever done.”

Very exciting stuff. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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