Stephen Amell Hopes That Deathstroke Will Return to ARROW

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke was the main villain in Arrow‘s second season, serving as a truly excellent adversary. His one episode in season three was underwhelming, while there are seemingly no plans to bring him back in season four. Actor Manu Bennett said last year that he was unsatisfied with the show’s direction for Deathstroke, suggesting that he won’t reprise the role again. However, series star Stephen Amell really hopes to see Deathstroke come back.

Appearing at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest last weekend (via ComicBook.com), Amell reaffirms what many Arrow fans have been saying: the show feels incomplete without Slade Wilson, and he needs to return. “Manu [Bennett] is a character, and Manu played a great character. And I really honest think that Arrow has been missing something since he hasn’t been around. I really do. He was a transformative villain. I would really love it if Deathstroke could keep being a part of the Arrow universe.”

While Slade Wilson may not appear on Arrow again anytime soon, Amell teased a couple months ago that he may fight a relative of his this season. One of Slade’s offspring, perhaps? Even if he doesn’t appear on Arrow again, how about a Deathstroke spin-off show? Hopefully, The CW will find a way to bring Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke back into this universe sooner than later.

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