RECAP: SUPERGIRL: Season One, Episode Fifteen “Solitude”

WARNING: This review contains full spoilers from the episode.

Last week we had Astra’s funeral, Lucy and James drama, and Kara being mad at Hank. This week we have talk about Astra’s funeral, Lucy and James drama, and Kara being mad at Hank. I think it’s safe to say that most of the themes from the last episode carried over. Thankfully this was another solid episode, and most of these storylines come to an end here.

In this episode we see that Kara wants Winn and James to be her new team. She’s still mourning the loss of Astra, and is still holding a grudge against Hank. The entire Kara hates Hank situation has affected everyone on Team Supergirl. At the very beginning of the episode Alex tries to butter her up with donuts, but even that was not enough (she forgot the crawler). Who would have thought that Kara would have had this extreme reaction? You would have thought that after everything Hank and Kara been through; she knew that Hank had no other choice. Not only that, but you would think Alex would be willing to tell her the truth. It just seems out of character for these three. The lies and the deception get really annoying in this show. The fact that Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash also do this makes it that much more noticeable.

At CATCO, Ms. Grant receives a mysterious USB stick. The stick contains all of the information of cheating politicians and the like. While her reports debate on whether it’s worth writing about they receive a message from the alien, Indigo. X-Men jokes aside, Indigo was a great antagonist! Played by Laura Vandervoort, Indigo is a computer villain similar to Superman’s foe, Brainiac (he’s even mentioned a few times). What makes Indigo so interesting is that she was not only a prisoner on Fort Rozz, but she was also Non’s lover. Having Laura Vandervoort return was a blast! For those who don’t know, Vandervoort played Supergirl on television show, Smallville.
The relationship between Non and Indigo is something I hope gets more development in future episodes. They can become a major threat to Supergirl with their combined power. Can this be setting up the season finale? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The other major story of the episode was the strained relationship between James and Lucy. This has been one of the worst parts of the series. Having James promise Lucy that he won’t talk to Supergirl; only for him to constantly break that same promise is infuriating! This is one of the things that run throughout the Berlanti-verse. Most of the relationships on Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash involve this on again off again trope. With Lucy finally ending things here, maybe we can move away from this forever? Probably not, but we’ll see.

The left is from The Flash and the right is from Supergirl.

In their efforts to stop Indigo, James and Kara take a trip to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude! We see tons of cool Easter eggs; most notably a ring from the Legion of Superheros. This ring was also seen on The Flash a few weeks ago (see image above). This is likely hinting at the crossover coming in a few weeks. Sadly, we don’t spend much time in the Fortress of Solitude, but hopefully we get to go back soon (The Flash crossover?).

A villain that mainly works with computers would be a great villain for Winn, but just as Team Supergirl starts to figure things out; Winn is hired by the D.E.O. Hank needs Winn to help them stop Indigo. This leads to Kara and James working on the case alone. I wish that we could have seen more of secret agent Winn, but we didn’t have enough time so I understand. Considering he hasn’t been fired, maybe there’s a chance in another episode?
Conveniently, the D.E.O. and Team Supergirl (with the help of Lucy) discover that Indigo wants to launch a nuclear missile towards National City. Supergirl defeats Indigo, but the was still launched. Luckily, Hank helps Supergirl disable the missile and save the day! It was kind of strange that Team Supergirl was able to figure out Indigo’s plan at the same time the D.E.O. did, but a bunch on reports are just as smart as government agents so it’s all good. Once the mission is finished, Kara joins the D.E.O., and Alex tells Kara the truth.
I’m glad that Kara has moved passed the Astra situation. Most shows would have dragged this out for a few more episodes. That’s one of the good things about the show’s writers, they know when to progress the narrative.

Overall, another great episode (it seems like I keep saying this)! We have a new and exciting villain, and we move the story along. Pretty much everything you could want before the show goes on (a short) break. Supergirl will return on March 14th, take care.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7ct on CBS.

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