FEATURE: Five Story Ideas for a Fourth LEGO BATMAN Video Game

One of LEGO’s most prominent video game franchises is the Batman series, which began in 2008 with LEGO Batman: The Video Game. The franchise was expanded with 2012’s LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and 2014’s LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Both sequels expanded the LEGO DC Universe beyond Batman, incorporating Superman, Green Lantern, and many other DC heroes and villains.

Of course, with any video game franchise, the potential is there to continue with another title. There are certainly a lot of storytelling possibilities to continue the LEGO adventures of Batman and the Justice League. Here, we discuss five potential options.

LEGO Batman 4: The Speed Force
The Flash has been one of the key Justice League members in the LEGO Batman franchise. Kid Flash and Reverse-Flash have also been playable characters in the last game. However, beyond that, the series hasn’t dived too deeply into the world of the Speed Force. 
We’ve seen the streets of Gotham, we’ve seen Batman and Superman unite to take on mutual enemies, and we’ve explored space with the Justice League and a slew of Lantern Corps. Why not speedsters next? A speedsters-centric title would give Flash more to do, and it can be used to introduce other characters not seen in past games. These include Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, The Rival, Savitar, Jesse Quick…just to name a few. And who knows, perhaps this game could include a DLC or something based on the Flash television show.
LEGO Batman 4: The Multiverse
The concept of the Multiverse is a common one in DC Comics lore. Animated movies and the Arrowverse have tackled the idea of an infinite number of parallel Earths. So, why not explore that in a LEGO Batman game? That could create the biggest story in the franchise to date. And to be frank, when it comes to DC, how much bigger can you get than the Multiverse?
Have the story revolve around Batman and the League travelling from one Earth to another. Allowing them to meet their doppelgangers and witness alternate realities could prove to be an awful lot of fun. As for the villain, I think Anti-Monitor could be a good choice, as he is a threat powerful enough to threaten the entire Multiverse.
The LEGO Batman Movie Video Game
The LEGO Batman franchise is heading to the big screen this week in the form of this LEGO Movie spin-off. Currently, there are no plans to create a console game based on the film, not counting a mobile tie-in game and a story pack for LEGO Dimensions. So, for the next LEGO Batman game, why not explore the world of the movie?
The LEGO Batman Movie features a distinct portrayal of the Bat-Family, Gotham City, and Batman’s many enemies. Theoretically, a video game would tell an original story set in this version of Gotham. We’d see more of the villains, plus new ones who aren’t in the movie. And, of course, having Superman and/or other members of the Justice League stop by would be cool.
LEGO Batman 4: Apokolips Now
Darkseid is one of the most powerful and iconic villains of the Justice League. But so far, his presence in the LEGO Batman video games has been minimal. He appeared in the Bizarro World DLC for Beyond Gotham, but that’s about it. Darkseid has the potential to be the driving force for an entire game storyline, so why not capitalize on that for the next game?
Seeing the world of Apokolips and the New Gods in a LEGO game would be fascinating. As for a particular story, I was thinking something akin to the New 52 Justice League origin tale, which saw Darkseid invade Earth with an army of Parademons. Another possibility is the epic “Darkseid War” storyline, which saw Darkseid and Anti-Monitor go to war, with the Justice League caught up in the midst of it.
LEGO Batman v Superman/Justice League
Finally, we have another movie tie-in option. The cinematic DC Extended Universe is in full swing after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, leading into the long-awaited Justice League film later this year. One way that Warner Bros. can capitalize on this franchise is making a LEGO game based upon it.
I was thinking this game would take a page from LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, which adapted the stories of the two Avengers movies and a few other Marvel movies. Likewise, a LEGO DCEU game could focus on the storylines of Batman v Superman and Justice League, with single levels focused on, say, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.
Honorable Mentions: LEGO Batman ’66, Flashpoint, Task Force X

What would you like to see from a fourth LEGO Batman game?

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