FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 3×17- “Duet”

The Flash (3×17) – “Duet”
Written by:         Aaron & Todd Helbing
Story by:              Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by:       Dermott
tried.  I want you to know that, okay? I
tried to be objective.  I can recognize
that just because something’s not for me it can be good.  Hell there’s been episodes of the Flash that
I didn’t care for that I can still understand why people liked but this…
This was
like a perfect storm of everything they’ve done that I think hurts the show
wrapped up with a nice pretty bow.  It
didn’t tell us anything of substance about the characters that we didn’t
already know, it was a pointless crossover, it didn’t move any plots along, the
villain was weak and worst of all it was a stunt episode!
What did we
learn that we didn’t already know?  Barry
likes musicals.  That is pretty much it.  For the love of God, it was essentially a
dream episode!  Unless this man is in
your dream story:
Or it’s a
Film directed by this man:
You will accomplish
nothing with a dream.  Nothing.
Here, I’ll
recap the episode for you.  J’onn and
Mon-El bring Kara to Earth One because she’s been whammied.  Music Meister shows up whammies Barry and
they dream they’re in a second rate rip-off of West Side Story.  Iris and Mon-El vibe into the dream and save
them because Music Meister only really cared about the power of love and
friendship.  Kara and friends go home and
Barry makes up with Iris.
That’s it.
Listen.  I know I’ve been dreading them doing this since
I found out Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were both on Glee and I steeled
myself as best I could to not be a killjoy about this episode.  It’s not even that I don’t like Musicals, I
prefer Opera because I feel that if you’re going to have drama and music you
may as well go the whole way with it. 
This was just bad.
So congratulations
All-Star Team Up, you no longer hold the dishonor of being the worst episode of
The Flash.

Since they
didn’t really cover anything of substance I have nothing we learned this week
and only one question:
Was Music Meister like Bat-mite or Mxyzptlk?
I also have
a bit of house-keeping.  I will be out of
town on business starting this week through the 21st of April and
will be unable to review the Flash during the trip so for the first time since
the pilot I leave you guys in the more than capable hands of my colleagues at
the Watchtower. But I’ll be back in time for the final run, hopefully with a
fatter bank account and episodes of substance to review.
See you in

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