CAPTAIN MARVEL To Be Set In The 90's, Skrulls Confirmed!

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During Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, they made a huge announcement! We now know more details on Marvel’s female lead film, Captain Marvel. We learned that the film will take place in the early 90’s, and will be the first Marvel film set in the past since Captain America: The First Avenger. Which is kind of fitting, wouldn’t you say?

The second bit of news was that Samuel Jackson will return as Nick Fury. This wasn’t necessarily new, but with the film taking place in the 90’s, Fury will not be sporting his iconic eyepatch. This means what caused the damage to Fury’s eye doesn’t happen until later on. Maybe we’ll see it happen in Captain Marvel?

Lastly, we got information on the villain. The Skrulls make their big screen debut and will play a major role in Captain Marvel. For those who don’t know, the Skrulls are an alien race of shape-shifters. They are major players in Marvel Comics, and one of their main stories is the Secret Invasion and The Kree-Skrull war. Have the Skrulls been on earth the entire time? Maybe some of the established MCU characters have been spies the whole time [I’m looking at you Hawkeye]. Or maybe they start a war with the Kree, we already established them [Kree] in Guardians of the Galaxy. Whatever the case, we can’t wait to see what Marvel does with our favorite aliens.

That does it for Captain Marvel news. For breaking news on all things Marvel, stay tuned.

Captain Marvel blasts into theaters March 8th, 2019.

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Future Clemson University Graduate. Lover of all things Star Wars and DC.