ARROW Finally Unmasks Vigilante in This Week’s Episode

Last season, Arrow introduced a new vigilante in Star City called, well, Vigilante. Unlike Oliver Queen and his team, Vigilante resorts to lethal methods in his war on crime, and he frequently comes into conflict with our heroes. Fans originally expected Vigilante’s identity to be Adrian Chase, like in the comics. However, Chase was later revealed to be Prometheus, while we didn’t get an answer on Vigilante…until now.

This week’s Arrow was already a big deal, due to Deathstroke’s return. But the episode’s other subplot dealt with the unmasking of Vigilante. Safe to say, a lot of fans probably didn’t expect this one.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From This Week’s Arrow.]

So, it turns out Vigilante is Vincent Sorbel, Dinah Drake’s former partner. Sorbel was seemingly killed on the night that the particle accelerator exploded, which also gave Dinah her powers. But it turns out Sorbel got powers too; he is indestructible, and he decides to go outside of the law to take down criminals.

Now that Dinah knows Sorbel’s mission, how is she going to tell the team? Spoiler: She isn’t… at least for a while. “It’s definitely a bit of a glitch in her path, because now, in a sense, not only is she dealing with her past, but she also has her own little secret that she has to decide whether she’s going to keep from the team,” actress Juliana Harkavy tells TV Line. “It definitely throws a wrench in her life and her game plan.”

So, yeah, that’s that mystery solved. The reveal also ties Vigilante to Dinah on a very personal level. It was previously said that each member of this year’s group of villains will have close ties to Team Arrow; Anatoly to Oliver, Cayden James to Felicity, and so on.

What do you think of the Vigilante reveal?

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