FEATURE: Five Villains We Want to See in DC Films’ Injustice League

[Warning: The Following Contains Some SPOILERS From Justice League.]
The Injustice League is one of several villain teams in the DC Universe, where some of the world’s greatest antagonists join forces to take on the Justice League. And based on the post-credits scene for Justice League, it looks like that’s the plan for the future.
In the scene, Deathstroke/Slade Wilson meets with Lex Luthor, who just broke out of prison. Lex talks about the formation of the Justice League, and he asks Slade, “Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?” This perfectly sets up the Injustice League for a sequel, if it happens.
We can definitely expect Lex and Slade to be on this team, but what about the other members? Below, we’ve compiled a list of five villains that we want to see in DC Films’ Injustice League.
The Joker
You can’t have a team of DC’s biggest villains without the Clown Prince of Crime, can you? We met Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad, where he is mostly there to reunite with Harley Quinn and eventually breaks her out of Belle Reve. Leto is expected to reprise his role in the sequel, as well as a Harley/Joker-centric spin-off. But why not throw him into Justice League 2 as well?
Seeing Joker interact with Lex Luthor and Deathstroke in live action would be a dream come true. My idea would be similar to the team’s dynamic in the Justice League animated series: Have Lex already form his team, but suddenly, Joker invites himself in and causes his signature chaos. Also, with Suicide Squad‘s Joker polarizing fans, it’d be ideal to redeem the character in a film outside of that franchise.
Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson has been attached to play Black Adam for several years. Originally set to be the villain of Shazam, Teth-Adam is now going to star in his own movie instead. The character is rumored to be making his debut in Suicide Squad 2, where he’d be a weapon of mass destruction that must be recovered by the Squad. After that, Black Adam would be a prime candidate for the Injustice League.
The Injustice League is going to need a big gun to take on powerful characters like Superman and Wonder Woman. And you can’t get much more powerful than Black Adam. Plus, imagine how much star power The Rock can bring to the group? And his chemistry with Joe Manganiello and Jesse Eisenberg? Sign me up now.

The mantle of Cheetah has been assumed by multiple individuals through DC’s history, but the most prominent one has been Barbara Ann Minerva. Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s biggest enemies, and she is probably the first that people think of when discussing Diana’s rogues gallery. So, it would be a logical step in having Cheetah and Diana fight on screen at some point. So, why not Justice League 2?

Cheetah has a history with multiple villain teams in the comics, including the Injustice League. Thus, it would make sense to recruit her into this League on film. Maybe they can introduce her in Wonder Woman 2 if the timeline works out; if it’s set in the 1980s as rumored, it’d be tricky. Nevertheless, Cheetah would be a worthy member of the cinematic Injustice League.

Black Manta
Black Manta, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, will make his DC Films debut in next year’s Aquaman. His exact role in the movie is unknown, but traditionally, Manta seeks vengeance on Arthur Curry after the death of his father. It wouldn’t be surprising if the movie is faithful to that, and it’d be even better if the rivalry is carried through multiple movies. Enter Justice League 2.
If the comics are any indication, Manta would do a lot to exact vengeance on Aquaman. So, if joining the Injustice League could do that, then he’d likely agree to it. Seeing Manta interact with the rest of the League would be exciting, while it’d be a nice continuation from wherever Aquaman leaves off.
Finally, we have one of DC Films’ most memorable villains. Faora was a member of General Zod’s army in Man of Steel, serving as a formidable foe for Kal-El. Faora was last seen being sucked back into the Phantom Zone. Assuming she’s still alive, it’d make sense to bring her back eventually. And the Injustice League would be a great way to do that.
In Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor learned a lot about Krypton and more in the scoutship. What if he learned what the Phantom Zone is, discovered Faora’s presence, and created an opening from the Zone to Earth? It could definitely work. But honestly, I just need to see Faora vs. Wonder Woman on the big screen. Please?
Honorable Mentions: Deadshot, Reverse-Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Metallo, Bane

Which DC villains do you want to see in DC Films’ Injustice League?

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