EP Andrew Kreisberg Talks Future Of Barry Allen And Central City On ARROW

The CW’s planned Flash series was originally given a backdoor pilot in the form of Arrow Season 2 Episode 20, which would have seen the debut of Barry Allen donning the iconic costume. These plans were scrapped when Grant Gustin’s performance was well received in the two-part mid-season finale, and Central City will be further developed in the spin-off pilot instead. But, with the introduction of the particle accelerator and Allen’s accident, will we still see more of the character or at least hear a mention later this season?
As a part of TV Line‘s “Ask Ausiello” article today, this very question was asked. Quotes from Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg were included. “What happened in Central City at the end of [the fall finale] was certainly big news,” he says. Kreisberg remains coy on whether or not we’ll get a mention of the event this season, stating, “Right now, we’re focusing hard on writing the Flash pilot and breaking the rest of the season of Arrow. But hopefully there will be some synchronicity between the two [shows], in anticipation of getting to see more of Grant [Gustin] and The Flash.” 

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens later this season. Arrow returns to The CW on January 15th. If ordered to series, The Flash will likely debut on the network Fall 2014.

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