This Week’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Confirms [Spoiler]’s Existence in the Arrowverse

In this week’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team travels to 1937 to address their latest anachronism: a time-displaced Helen of Troy in the midst of a Hollywood bidding war. Meanwhile, the team faces off against Damien Darhk, while some revelations about two other villains were revealed.

But perhaps most significantly, the episode’s ending features a reference to one of DC’s most iconic superheroes, confirming the existence of a key location in the Arrowverse.

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From This Week’s Legends of Tomorrow.]

So, after Helen is retrieved from Hollywood, she expresses a desire to go somewhere other than Troy. Luckily, Zari brings her to an island from Helen’s time period, making a loophole in the timeline. The island is described as full of warrior women, with boys “not allowed.” The island is – you guessed it – Themyscira in the year 1253 BC.

Of course, Themyscira is best known as the home island of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, and the Amazons. The Arrowverse has shied away from explicitly referencing Wonder Woman lore – save for Diana’s name on an Earth-2 telephone in The Flash – so this was a pleasant surprise.

Star Tala Ashe spoke with TV Line about the reference, saying that it fits really well in the episode’s story. “In general, [this] episode is very female-strong, and so it’s appropriate, I think, that that’s the last moment you see in the episode.” Maisie Richardson-Sellers adds, “I think Wonder Woman has paved the way brilliantly, proving that female-focused movies and TV shows can be a huge success. So I think that was a very affectionate shout-out. I liked it.”

With Themyscira confirmed, it won’t be long until fans start wondering (lol) if/when Wonder Woman herself will make an actual appearance. Like most of DC’s big heroes, Wonder Woman has been kept separate from the TV shows, and she is now arguably the saving grace of DC Films’ universe. But Wonder Woman has a rich history in television, and she was nearly adapted by The CW for the scrapped Amazon pilot. While it’d be cool to see Wonder Woman in the Arrowverse, who knows if it’ll actually happen.

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