FEATURE: Five Storylines We Want to See in Future Arrowverse Crossovers

Every year, The CW ups the ante on its Arrowverse crossovers. This year’s event, “Crisis on Earth-X,” was the biggest one yet, as nearly two dozen heroes joined forces to fight Nazi invaders from another Earth. Of course, there’s no way this is the last crossover, but it does set the bar high for next year.
Whether it’s adapting an iconic DC Comics storyline or creating its own, there are plenty of potential directions for future crossovers. Below, we list five stories we want to see in the Arrowverse.
Tower of Babel
Not only was this story a big deal in DC Comics, but it also inspired the name of the very site you are reading right now. In “Tower of Babel,” Batman has collected resources designed to neutralize the Justice League, should the team go rogue. These resources target specific weaknesses of each hero; Superman has Red Kryptonite, Aquaman becomes aquaphobic, and so on. Ra’s al Ghul discovers these weaknesses and uses them against the team. This results in mistrust between Batman and the rest of the League.
A story like this could play out well in the Arrowverse. It’s not hard to imagine Green Arrow collecting weaknesses of various heroes in case they ever go rogue. We already know he has Kryptonite arrows to use against Supergirl, so why wouldn’t he have something to use against the others? (Also, TV Green Arrow has some similarities to Batman anyways, so might as well run with it.) A unique direction that the next crossover can take is to create mistrust amongst the heroes, and “Tower of Babel” can definitely accomplish that.
Escape from Warworld
There are multiple versions of Warworld in the comics, but the post-Crisis incarnation depicted the artificial planet as an arena for gladiatorial games. Warworld is overseen by Mongul, a powerful villain who would be a very formidable match for our heroes. This character has yet to appear in live action, and there appear to be no plans to change that. However, he would be a good fit into the Arrowverse.
Having our heroes trapped on Warworld and being forced to fight in gladiatorial matches would be a lot of fun, whether they’re fighting themselves or other opponents. It could also expand the Arrowverse’s cosmic realm a little more, while establishing one of Superman’s more well known villains. In fact, Warworld was already referenced a couple times on Supergirl, so it’s definitely out there. But ultimately, if the next crossover wants a slightly smaller story, then Warworld would be a good fit.
Divided We Fall
The concept of superheroes fighting each other has been quite the rage in comic book movies. Batman v Superman, Justice League, and every movie featuring the Avengers has depicted heroes throwing hands at each other. We’ve even seen a little bit of that during the first Flash/Arrow crossover, where Oliver and Barry fought. But what if that was expanded to the other heroes of the Arrowverse? A full-blown civil war, if you will.
Imagine an event that literally divides DC’s TV heroes. They choose sides, oppose one another, and are even willing to fight over it. While the last two crossovers emphasized the huge scale of the battles, this would be a more personal, character-driven story. We’ve seen these characters stick together through every conflict so far, and for something to tear them apart would be a huge deal.
Challenge of the Super Friends
“Challenge of the Super Friends” was the third installment of the Super Friends animated series. Here, the Super Friends fight the Legion of Doom, a team of their greatest villains. Legends of Tomorrow introduced its own Legion of Doom last season, and it even had a meta reference to the cartoon. But this Legion only consisted of four characters – Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, and Captain Cold (who didn’t join until the last three episodes). What if the team was greatly expanded for a full-on crossover?
Beefing up the Legion of Doom to fight our heroes – this time including Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl – would be really cool. Reverse-Flash is alive again (somehow), so bring him back here. It could also have Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke, and more. (We have other suggestions here.) The Arrowverse has introduced many big villains, so to bring most (if not all) of them together would be a great crossover story.
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Now we’ve come to the big one. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” changed everything in DC Comics, with the continuity being simplified and major characters like Flash and Supergirl being killed off. The Flash has hinted at this Crisis before with a 2024 newspaper, which references Flash disappearing and red skies. Star Grant Gustin most recently said that one of the show’s goals is to adapt “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Imagine if they did that in an Arrowverse crossover?
This event could definitely change everything in the Arrowverse. For example, what if it merges Earth-38 (aka Supergirl‘s Earth) into Earth-1 with the rest of the characters? I doubt they go as far as killing off Supergirl and Flash, but they can adapt other parts of the story, such as ditching the Multiverse and just condensing everything into one continuity. A story like that would be a huge gamechanger for this franchise, even if it doesn’t happen for a few years.
Which stories do you want to see in future Arrowverse crossovers?

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