JUSTICE LEAGUE: How Will Clark Kent’s Return Be Explained? Henry Cavill Weighs In

Following his death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel was resurrected in Justice League. Not only is he back in the red and blue suit, but the ending also saw him back at the Daily Planet, glasses and all. Clark Kent was declared dead at the same time as Superman (Clark even had an open casket funeral), so for both of them to return at the exact same time is a little…strange, isn’t it? How would they explain that to the public in the next film?

Speaking at ACE Comic Con (via ComicBook), Cavill says that the next movie would address how Clark is back without blowing his cover, but don’t expect a very detailed explanation. “It’s a tricky one. The wonderful thing about movies is that it’s a suspension of disbelief. We’re talking about a guy who can fly, who can shoot lasers out of his eyes. And so there are ways of doing it but telling these stories, it’s about your enjoyment. It’s about my enjoyment. It’s about enjoyment for the viewer. And so we can spend four hours of a movie explaining why and how Clark comes back. But is that what you want to see?”

The next question is, when will we see Cavill’s Superman return? The actor is contracted for one more movie, where he hopes to tell a “feel-good” story that explores the character. However, with Justice League being a major box office disappointment, the future of pretty much every DC movie (except for Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 2) is up in the air. So, we’ll see.

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