FEATURE: Five More DC Animated Shows We Want to See on CW Seed

In addition to its four live actions shows, The CW has expanded the Arrowverse onto its CW Seed app with a series of animated shows. Vixen ran for two seasons, while Freedom Fighters: The Ray premiered recently. Next year will see the debut of Constantine, the closest thing to a revival of the cult classic series.

What’s neat about these shows is that they flesh out areas and characters in the Arrowverse that aren’t as big a focus in the live action shows. Mari McCabe appeared in an episode of Arrow, with her grandmother and other parts of the Vixen mythos being explored on Legends of Tomorrow. We met The Ray and got a glimpse of Earth-X in the last crossover. And we already met John Constantine on his show, but thanks to Arrow and Legends, he’s an actual part of the Arrowverse now.

But why stop there? Below, we list five more animated shows we’d love to see on CW Seed…

Jonah Hex
After the awful 2010 movie, Jonah Hex was brought onto the small screen in Legends of Tomorrow. He appeared in two episodes during the show’s first two seasons, but there’s no word on whether he’s coming back this season. This version of Hex is far superior to the movie’s, so it’d be great to see more of him. So, why not as an animated series?
Having a Western animated series set in the 1800s would be very unique for DC and CW Seed. It would further explore Jonah Hex’s world beyond what we could see in live action, while it could fully depict his tragic origin. Plus, there seem to be no plans to use Hex in other DC projects, so The CW should use him in any way possible.
Plastic Man
We’ve mentioned Plastic Man for multiple mediums over the years; frankly, it’s surprising that DC hasn’t brought him onto any major modern projects yet. And now, The Flash is featuring Elongated Man, a very similar character, in a key supporting role. So, we may not see him in the Arrowverse anytime soon (if ever), but we still have hope.
An animated series on CW Seed would be pretty cool. It could have Plastic Man in the Arrowverse, but still separate enough to be its own thing while the live action shows are doing something else. Plus, Plastic Man’s powers and quirky humor would translate very well into animation; maybe even moreso than live action.
Legion of Super-Heroes
After a few teases, Supergirl is finally going to introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes this season. So far, we know the team consists of Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac-5. There are likely more members out there, and we’ll surely see the team do plenty of stuff this season. But after that? There’s definitely some spinoff potential here.
While The CW may not do another live action show anytime soon (if ever), an animated series starring the Legion would be very cool. It could be a big, fun sci-fi show that can serve as new material for CW Seed. It would flesh out the Legion beyond what we could see on Supergirl, while the door is open for crossovers.
Slade Wilon has been a key recurring character on Arrow since the beginning, progressing from friend to enemy to uneasy ally for Oliver Queen. Most recently, Slade went off to search for his second son, Grant. We may never see that story continue, as Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Deathstroke is off the table for The CW…again.
However, if we do see Deathstroke in the Arrowverse again, why not as a CW Seed animated series? Manu Bennett has expressed interest in his own spinoff series, and an animated one would be a nice compromise, a la Constantine. At least, it could be a one-off that resolves the current story arc and definitively ends Slade’s story. But, we’d be lying if we didn’t want more.
And now, for the biggest long shot on the list. Despite Superman playing a big role in DC’s movies, The CW was allowed to use the Man of Steel for a few episodes of Supergirl. Right now, it’s unknown if there are plans to bring him back, or if they’re even allowed to. There has also been fan interest in a spinoff series. While a live action one may be questionable, why not animated?
So far, CW Seed has worked with lesser known characters in the Arrowverse. So, getting access to Superman would be a huge deal. Even if it was a one-season deal, it could finally show off Clark Kent’s supporting cast and the world of Metropolis that we haven’t seen on Supergirl. Also, DC does animated versions of Superman all the time, and they don’t go against movie plans. Why would this be any different?
Honorable Mentions: Suicide Squad, The Question, Elongated Man, Steel, Kid Flash

Which animated Arrowverse shows would you like to see on CW Seed?

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