Chris Hemsworth Still Open to Playing Thor Again After AVENGERS 4

Initially, Chris Hemsworth signed a six-picture (now seven) contract to play Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He starred in his own trilogy, two Avengers movies, and now two more Avengers. In the past, he sounded interested in renewing his contract beyond that point. And now, in the wake of Thor: Ragnarok‘s success, he still feels that way.

Speaking with IGN, Hemsworth confirms that Avengers 4 (which he just finished shooting) marks the end of his contract. However, he has a renewed sense of enthusiasm about the role. “Two or three films ago I was like, ‘okay, a couple more.’ I was enjoying it but I was like… I felt a little restricted. And after this last experience with Taika [Waititi], and actually these last two Avengers, I feel like we’ve reinvented the character a number of times – even in these next two, he evolves again, and you don’t get that opportunity often in a franchise. So I definitely feel a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm, and more so than ever, I think.”

Hemsworth goes on to admit that he’s focused on the next two Avengers right now, and he hasn’t talked to Marvel about the future beyond that. However, he expresses interest in playing Thor again. “If I had the opportunity to do it again, I think I’d love to. I also think there’s an appetite for it now, or there’s a far greater range of possibilities of where he can go now, what he can do, just because we’ve kind of broken the mold a bit.”

Ragnarok effectively deconstructed the Thor franchise, stripping away many things that came before and replacing them with new things. With the film being a huge critical and commercial success, and with Hemsworth interested in continuing, it’d make perfect sense to do a fourth Thor movie (and beyond?) in the future.

Thor will return in Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters on May 4th.

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