FEATURE: Five More Shows We Want to See on DC’s Streaming Service

This year, DC Entertainment is launching its own streaming service. It’s unknown how much will be available on the platform, but the company is doing three exclusive shows: the live action Titans, a third season of Young Justice, and a Harley Quinn animated series. There is also said to be interest in a Titans spinoff starring Hawk and Dove.

But after those shows, what’s next? If DC wants its streaming service to keep going, then there will need to be a plethora of exclusive content, like other platforms. Fortunately, there are countless options for original shows, as the DC Universe is limitless. Below, we list five shows we would want to see.

For a while, Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Lobo movie off the ground. A couple years ago, another screenwriter was hired, but we’ve heard nothing since. With DC having plenty of movies in development, it’s easy to see Lobo not being a priority right now. So, why not give him a series?
A live action Lobo show would be crazy, and it would give DC’s streaming service another attractive series. The streaming service is said to be more lenient on mature elements than other networks, so Lobo would be a good fit. Also, outside of the unclear movie progress, Lobo has no plans to go on television anytime soon. So, let him on the streaming service.
Wonder Woman: The Animated Series
In a time where Batman, Superman, and even Green Lantern have gotten their own animated shows, it’s ridiculous how Wonder Woman has yet to get her series. Diana Prince has a history of appearing in ensemble cartoons, while she got one animated movie in 2009. But that’s about it. With the character more popular than ever, now is the time for Wonder Woman: The Animated Series.
There’s plenty of Wonder Woman material that can be covered in this animated series, whether it’s from her origin on Themyscira to her adventures in man’s world. It can feature Diana’s complete rogues gallery, supporting cast, and more. You can even make it as a follow-up to the 2009 movie if you wanted to. But regardless, when it comes to animation, it’s Wonder Woman’s time to shine.
Swamp Thing

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Swamp Thing in live action. The character starred in two movies in the 1980s, while a television series aired in the ’90s. Most recently, Swamp Thing was said to be a part of Warner Bros.’ Justice League Dark movie, but there’s no idea when that is coming out. In the meantime, how about bringing Swamp Thing back to television?
Swamp Thing’s backstory would make for a fascinating modern series. For a first season, just adapt Book One of Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing. Tell Alec Holland’s origin, pit him against Floronic Man and Kamara, and boom. Then adapt the rest of Moore’s run for future seasons. The only potential concern could be budget, but if they can swing that, then a Swamp Thing series would be awesome.
Static Shock
While Static has appeared multiple times in animation (including the beloved series), he has yet to make his live action debut. A digital series for Machinima was announced a few years back, but nothing ever came out of it. With DC building out its own digital platform, why not bring that show over?
A live action Static show would be very cool, and it would finally bring the spotlight back to Virgil Hawkins. You can even introduce him on Titans and spin him off into his own series, like what they’re considering with Hawk and Dove. But regardless, Static is a great character who should be pushed in other mediums.
Constantine Season 2
Lastly, we have the most predictable selection on the list. Constantine was infamously canceled by NBC after one season. However, the character was later brought into Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow on The CW, while an animated series is coming to CW Seed later this year. However, fans aren’t giving up hope for a proper second season, and now, there’s another platform to do that.
DC’s streaming service will be spearheaded by Titans and Young Justice season three – two shows that DC wanted to do, but couldn’t find a network. Hence, DC made its own. Constantine would fit that trend perfectly. With the character now in the Arrowverse, it’s unknown if DC would still want to do it, but bringing John Constantine’s solo show back in its full glory would be fantastic.
Honorable Mentions: Deathstroke, Powerless Season 2, The Question, Human Target, Deadshot

Which shows do you want to see on DC’s streaming service?

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