FEATURE: Five Ideas for New Animated DC Shows

DC Entertainment has put out some of the best animated superhero shows of all time, with its catalog including titles such as Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice. However, the company has faltered in recent years in this department. Cartoon Network excessively prolonged and eventually canceled praised shows such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Beware the Batman, while the mediocre Teen Titans Go! remains on the air. Meanwhile, digital shows such as Vixen and Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles will debut this year. While DC Entertainment is killing it with the animated movies and live action TV shows, with a takeover of the big screen underway, it’s time that it reclaimed its position as king of animated comic book shows. Below, I’ve compiled a list of five ideas for potential new cartoon series’ from DC.

The Man of Steel has headlined several animated shows over the years, most notably Superman: The Animated Series. Since then, however, he has been featured only in Justice League related projects. It’s about time Superman is given another series in this modern age. Seeing new iterations of villains such as Lex Luthor and Darkseid is always a treat, while the series could adopt a CG animation style ala Green Lantern: TAS. A Superman series of that style would certainly be interesting. And with Superman making a comeback in the movie world, what better way to expand on his recent success than a new animated series?

Wonder Woman
The lack of a cartoon series starring Wonder Woman is surely surprising. Despite being one of the most popular superheroes of all time and the most iconic female superhero ever, Diana Prince has only appeared in animation shows as a part of an ensemble. Well, with a live action movie finally on the way, it’s time she is given the spotlight. There is much to the world of Wonder Woman that can be explored in an animated show, and its focus on Greek mythology can make it stand out from others of its kind. Plus, there should be a superhero series more targeted towards the young female audience, and there isn’t a more obvious option for that than Wonder Woman.

Shazam is about to be given the mainstream exposure he deserves, with a live action movie set for a 2019 release. Naturally, an animated series starring the formerly named Captain Marvel would be ideal in Warner Bros.’ campaign to raise awareness of the character. There is plenty to the Shazam mythology that has yet to be explored in animation; Black Adam’s backstory and Shazam’s alter ego actually being a child, among other things, can help make this series stand out from others in its genre. The latter trait can also help a Shazam show appeal even more to child audiences. 


Aquaman is yet another character who is set to star in a live action film in the near future. So, again, a animated series would be a nice way to raise awareness of the character. The world of Aquaman and Atlantis could look amazing in animation, primarily its unique underwater action. It would be cool to see villains such as Black Manta, Ocean Master and the Trench take on Arthur Curry, and supporting characters such as Mera are a must. So, an Aquaman animated series has plenty of potential and can absolutely expand the character’s presence outside of the Justice League.

World’s Finest

Batman and Superman are the two most iconic superheroes of all time. The history of their partnership is very rich in the comics and in countless animated adaptations. And let’s not forget next year’s live action film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I personally would love this relationship to be the focus of an animated series, ongoing or mini. Their contrasting personalities, strong supporting casts and interesting stories can make for an engaging show. Plus, there is no doubt that WB/DC loves to rely on Batman in animated projects, and if they choose to not give him or Superman yet another solo series, a team-up show would be a fine idea.


Which DC character or team would you like to see star in an animated series?

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