Matt Reeves Offers Scripting Update on THE BATMAN

It’s been a little while since we’ve last heard an update on The Batman. Writer-director Matt Reeves has said that he’s doing his own story, where he hopes to explore Batman’s detective skills and more. Despite being set in the DC Films Universe, it will be a standalone story focused on, well, Batman. There has been back-and-forth on whether Ben Affleck will return as the Dark Knight, but most recently, it was reported that Reeves is looking to cast a new actor.

Now, Reeves has given a brief update on the film. Appearing on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast (via Batman-News), Reeves says that he now has The Batman‘s worked out, but he is still outlining the script itself. That means Reeves has likely decided on which characters, villain(s), and more will be present in the film.

There was speculation that The Batman could begin production this year, but with Reeves still writing the script, it’s unknown if that’s the plan. Hopefully, we’ll hear more news soon. Stay tuned.

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