Constantine S1E5 ‘Danse Vaudou’ Review

                                                      MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD
‘Danse Vaudou’ is a very entertaining
episode that marks the return of Papa Midnite and the introduction of
Jim Corrigan, who many fans will know as the godlike character known
as the Spectre. While it’s a simple hero vs ghost story, it does
flesh out the relationships of two of the series central characters.
Our heroes find themselves in New
Orleans investigating a brutal stabbing that seems to be perpetrated
by a vengeful spirit. Upon arrival they realize that this is not an
isolated incident and that the dead are returning to life all around
the Big Easy, and enacting a repeated cycle of revenge on the living,
which echoes how they themselves died.
The plot itself is pretty
straightforward and nothing we haven’t seen before, but what makes
this episode so entertaining is the interactions between the
characters. Nothing here feels stiff and the chemistry promised in
earlier installments is fully realized, especially between
Constantine and Papa Midnite. Here we see an uneasy partnership
between the two as the evil of the ‘Rising Dark’ is now affecting the
more morally uncertain Voodoo Priest.
The performances were all their usual
best, esp Papa Midnite who has much more to do this time around than
be the villain. We learn more about him and what compels him and he
doesn’t come across as entirely self serving as he had previous. In
fact he comes across as endearing and sympathetic as Constantine does
and their banter is delicious and flows well. Sure there is no love
between the two but the come across as more feuding brothers than
outright enemies. I look forward to seeing the show delve more into
their relationship as it progresses. As for Zee, we do learn a little
more about her and her shady past. We don’t learn a lot, but we do
get hints. Sadly while he has more to do in this episode than he has
since the pilot, we still don’t learn anything about Chas, save for
that he has a pretty nifty healing factor, but that’s it.
As for the new addition to the cast,
Emmet J. Scanlon is effectively weary and jaded as Corrigan, even if
his accent wobbles a bit between affected Southern drawl and Irish
lilt. He’s great and we do get a tantalizing hint to his characters
ultimate fate towards the end of the episode.
Sure may could criticize the generic
plot but they would be missing the real quality of the episode and
that is the great characters on show. And that’s where I believe this
show’s strength ultimately lies, the characters. I don’t think I’ll
be tuning if for the stories but more so just to see the characters
do what they do, and they do it very well.

Another quality episode. Keep them
coming. 8/10

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