FEATURE: Ten More DC Movies That Should Be Developed By Warner Bros.

This year, Warner Bros. finally unveiled its plan to explore the DC Universe on film over the next few years. In addition to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and two Justice League films, there will be solo movies starring Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Shazam and Cyborg. New standalone films starring Batman and Superman are also in the works, with both expected to be released in between 2016 and 2020. Of course, the natural question would be, “What’s next?”

The DC Universe is filled with characters that have film potential beyond the movies announced so far. From street level characters to epic cosmic adventures, there is more than enough in the DCU to give Warner Bros. dozens of new franchises well beyond 2020. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten more DC movies that should be made.

Green Arrow

The Emerald Archer has become a more recognizable character in the mainstream recently, due to the success of The CW’s television series Arrow. Before that, however, a Green Arrow film was in the works, and it would have followed Oliver Queen fighting his way through the supervillain prison Supermax. Another stab at a movie starring the character could do well, as it would explore the more grounded side of the DC Cinematic Universe while the bigger films would embrace the fantastical elements. Of course, WB/DC may want to wait until Arrow has finished its run before greenlighting a big screen adaptation, which will likely take a few years. However, if The Flash can headline both a TV show and a movie simultaneously, then maybe the same exception can be made for Green Arrow.


Warner Bros. was reportedly planning a Hawkman film a few years back, but nothing ever came out of it. A movie focusing on the Thanagarian race has plenty of potential, as it would explore a different corner of the DCU. Exploring Carter Hall’s ancient Egyptian roots could offer a refreshing new environment for the comic book movie genre, while a film like this would also ideally introduce fan favorite characters such as Hawkgirl. And with Black Adam’s Egyptian backstory expected to be present in Shazam, perhaps Hawkman can be set up then.

Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz was a founding member of the Justice League for decades in the comics, and he became a fan favorite character in the Justice League animated series. However, he was replaced by Cyborg in the New 52 continuity. This is a change that will likely be reflected in Justice League Part One. However, that shouldn’t put Martian Manhunter on the backburner for the films. His tragic origin story – despite being comparable to Superman’s – could be compelling to watch on the big screen. Perhaps a Martian Manhunter solo film can spin off from the character’s possible appearance in a Justice League sequel and/or even another character’s film, such as, say, Man of Steel 2.


WB will be teaming up its two most iconic heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and personally, I hope that they continue to develop projects such as this. One potential team-up would put Superman alongside Shazam. The relationship between the two heroes in the comics has been interesting, and it would be wonderful to see that dynamic play out in a team-up film. Plus, how awesome would it be to see Henry Cavill’s Superman battle Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam? Shazam may not join the Justice League anytime soon, but having him partner with the Man of Steel in a smaller film would be an alternative way to bring him into the wider DC Universe.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond was an animated series set in the future of Batman: TAS, focusing on Terry McGinnis taking on the role of the Dark Knight following Bruce Wayne’s retirement. Warner Bros. previously considered adapting this story to the big screen many years ago, but it was passed over in favor of a Batman origin story. Still, Beyond would be a fascinating addition to the DC Cinematic Universe, as it would take a look at its future far beyond (no pun intended) the current timeline. It could also serve as a way to continue the Batman franchise after Ben Affleck eventually calls it quits.

New Gods

Darkseid is rumored to be the villain of 2019’s Justice League Part Two, but it would be a shame if WB only spent one film focusing on the character. An adaptation of the New Gods, created by Jack Kirby, would be an ideal way of exploring the history of Apokolips and New Genesis. As well as expanding the cosmic side of the DCU, such a movie would also ideally introduce fan favorite characters such as Orion and Big Barda. New Gods, if done right, would ultimately serve as a fresh and unique addition to not only this world, but also to the genre.

Justice League of America

While the Justice League dominates the big screen, it would be interesting to see another team assembling lesser known characters. In the New 52, the Justice League of America was created by Amanda Waller to potentially combat the main League if it ever went rogue. Members such as Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and Hawkman were recruited. Seeing this team built up over the course of several films would be fun to see, and having the JLA take on the Justice League in a movie would be nothing short of epic.

Teen Titans

Another team that should be explored in the DC Cinematic Universe is the Teen Titans. The group has become a cult favorite following a rich comic history and two hit animated shows, so a big screen adaptation would be ideal. However, TNT is developing a Titans pilot, and if ordered to series, it could keep this group from appearing on film. Despite this, exploring the younger heroes of the DCU in their own film would be a refreshing direction. Seeing Dick Grayson alongside the likes of Raven, Starfire and Red Arrow would be a delight to see. Plus, after his roles in Batman v Superman, Justice League Parts One and Two and his own film, perhaps Cyborg could spearhead this spin-off team.

Black Adam

Assuming that Shazam is a success, we can surely expect a sequel or two, if not more. However, the franchise could also be expanded by giving Black Adam his own spin-off. Dwayne Johnson’s star power is very high right now, and while he will likely be a big focus in Shazam, having him star in his own movie would be a wise move financially. It would also flesh out Black Adam’s character more, and with more interest in supervillain movies than ever, this would be a rather obvious inclusion. Plus, Black Adam previously headlined a six issue comic book series which would be a perfect fit for a solo movie.

Green Lantern/The Flash

Finally, we have a movie that was actually previously rumored to be a part of WB/DC’s initial slate. A Flash-Green Lantern team-up was said to be one of the movies that would be announced this year, but the two heroes were given their own solo films instead. However, this is still an idea worth exploring in the future. The relationship between Green Lantern and Flash is a fan favorite one, and exploring it in a buddy cop-type film could be compelling to see, especially if it stars Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. As I said before, I’d love to see DC pursue more team-up films, and this crossover would be perhaps the most obvious one.

Honorable Mentions: Wonder Woman/Aquaman, Ra’s al Ghul, Green Arrow/Green Lantern, Justice League Dark, Batman/Green Arrow, Deathstroke

Which DC movies would you like to see produced?

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