JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-Ray Will Include a New “Bonus” Scene

Fans have been clamoring for a director’s cut of Justice League for months, regardless of how unrealistic it is. Even if a proper Zack Snyder cut is non-existent, there are plenty of deleted scenes to add to the film, as glimpsed in the trailers. It looks like the Blu-Ray will include at least one of those scenes.

Walmart has shared a listing for an exclusive Justice League Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital set (via Batman-News), which includes six pins representing each of the heroes. However, the package also includes a sticker that reads, “Includes Bonus Scene not seen in theaters.”

So, basically, the Blu-Ray will include a brand new scene that wasn’t part of the theatrical cut. Wonder Woman did something similar, including a bonus epilogue scene focused on Etta Candy. There’s no word on what the scene includes, but considering the number of deleted scenes from the film, there are plenty of options. And this may not be the desired extended cut or director’s cut or whatever, but it’s something.

You can pre-order Justice League on Blu-Ray by clicking HERE. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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