Looks Like JUSTICE LEAGUE is Coming to iTunes This Month

Justice League has been out for about a month and a half now. We all know by now that the box office results have been disappointing; in fact, it likely won’t break even. However, we may now know when the film will be available on digital platforms.

The iTunes pre-order page (via Batman-News) says that Justice League will be available on Tuesday, January 23rd. That’s about two months after the film’s theatrical release; a smaller window than usual for these movies. Additionally, movies typically go on iTunes and other digital stores at least a couple weeks before the Blu-Ray/DVD release, so if this date is accurate, then Justice League will likely hit home video sometime in February.

Keep in mind that Warner Bros. has yet to formally announce Justice League‘s home video release, and it’s possible that iTunes’ date is not finalized. Either way, expect some sort of official announcement to come soon – especially since Justice League is very close to the end of its theatrical run. Stay tuned.

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