Calista Flockhart Joins SUPERGIRL as Cat Grant

The Supergirl pilot will begin filming
shortly and casting news is starting to pick up the pace.  One of the roles a lot of fans have had their
eye on is that of Kara’s boss and Superman comics character, Catherine
“Cat” Grant.  Wait no longer,
Variety has reported that Calista Flockhart is playing Miss Grant.
After getting her start on Guiding Light, Flockhart
gained attention and accolades in the title role on Ally McBeal.  She played a young lawyer in the long running
series and she was nominated for and earned both a Golden Globe and a Screen
Actors’ Guild Award for her portrayal.  More
recently, she had a run on the NBC series, Brothers and Sisters as Kitty
Walker. (imdb)
Catherine “Cat” Grant was created by Marv
Wolfman and Jerry Ordway for their run on Adventures of Superman during
the 1980s.  She had been intended at the
time as a possible romantic interest for Clark and has gone on to become a
popular character amongst fans.  Cat was a
recently divorced single mother; she brought her syndicated gossip column to
the Daily Planet as she looked for a fresh start.  She later became Press Secretary for Lex
Luthor when he is elected President and returned to Los Angeles after his
The character has appeared three times already in
live-action.  She was portrayed by two
different actresses on Smallville but is perhaps better known to fans
from Lois and Clark as portrayed by Tracy Scoggins.  On Supergirl, Cat Grant is a media
mogul.  Kara and Jimmy Olson will both be
employed by her at CatCo.

Supergirl is in development by Warner Brothers and CBS.

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