FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4×12- “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”

The Flash (4×12) – “Honey,
I Shrunk Team Flash”
Written by:         Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira
Directed by:       Chris
Back again with Barry still in prison, but it’s not all bad
considering the rest of Team Flash is getting on with their lives as best they
can. Especially Joe and Cecile, since they’ve got a baby on the way. It’s all very
domestic, that is until Cecile goes from just a lawyer with a baby on the way to
a telepathic
lawyer with a baby on the way. Could’ve used those powers a couple of
weeks ago, might have kept our title character out of prison.
Caitlin checks out Cecile and they determine that Joe’s daughter
isn’t the one with powers and that it’s likely that Cecile’s hormones are
interacting with the Dark Matter she was exposed to in the initial Explosion
and giving her temporary access to the Emma Frost method of making friends and
influencing people.
This is all a distraction from the real problem. Barry’s in
prison, swindling people out of their pudding cups… I expect that kind of thing
from Oliver, #BeButter Barry.
Barry takes time out of his busy scheduling of misusing his
powers to try and get his plot going for the week. Namely getting Big Sir out
of prison in time for the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  Our boy Goldberg has a date with history
after all.
Anyway, it turns out Big Sir was put away for a crime he didn’t
commit with shaky evidence. A guy in prison for a crime he didn’t commit? In
the CW/DC-Verse? Color me surprised.
I wonder what the guy who framed Big Sir is up to, like Sir
said, he probably skipped town years ago…
Or he’s using shrinking powers to steal the Kord Building right
as the mayor is re-opening the building! 
No! We’ll never see if the lasers live up to her “no-freeze” promise!
Not to worry, Cisco, Joe and Jean Grey are on the case… Just
kidding, Cecile’s having too much fun invading the privacy of random people to
be help. Good thing Cisco managed to find security footage of our FotW using an
unshrunk Chevelle to escape.
That’s where Barry’s plot come back into play. He wants the gang
to help him spring Big Sir from the pen and by God Harry’s going to make sure
they do it! They owe it to Barry. And the Universe agrees because Joe managed
to get a hit on our thief: Sylbert Rundine. Rough name, no wonder he became a
Well the good news is too much for Barry to hang on to and he
runs off to tell Big Sir. But, Sir is not exactly interested in hope. False or
otherwise and he tells Barry to let it be. 
Oh Goldberg, that’s not how Barry operates.  As I’ve said before, there’s a reason Geoff
Johns gave him a Blue Ring during Blackest Night.
Hope is Barry’s thing.
Anyway, Cisco, Joe and Ralph visit Rundine and after seeing his
model collection and an old photo of him all jacked up on the juice, Joe
decides to ask a couple of questions about the night Big Sir was arrested.
Rundine unshrinks a sci-fi blaster gun and makes his escape into the
alley.  The guys give chase and in the
fight Cisco and Ralph are shrunk.
There we have our episode title.
Back at the lab, there’s some hi-jinks before Iris comes in with
some information.  Turns out the day
Barry escaped the Speed Force, some Dwarf Star matter was stolen and that more
than likely makes Rundine one of our Bus Metas. Fantastic!
There’s some more hi-jinks first with Cisco and Ralph and then
with Cecile’s telepathy causing trouble with her and Joe until Iris sends them
to Dr. Finkel that we’ll skip over all the way to Harry’s first attempt at
fixing the guys.
It doesn’t go well, in fact it goes so poorly that the guys now
have about ten hours to live.  Oops.
There’s some housekeeping for all our storylines before we get
to the point. If they want to save Cisco and Ralph AND clear Big Sir they’re to
going to have to find Rundine.  Better
hurry, he’s going to steal a blimp from the Weather Service.  Thanks to Rundine’s powers and his love of
collecting stuff there’s a pretty cool fight scene before the day is
saved.  Team Flash gets a win after some
losses the last few weeks.
Unfortunately, the old saying is true: There’s no honor amongst
thieves. With his powers he wouldn’t go to Iron Heights so there’s no reason
for him to confess. Big Sir’s not getting cleared.
However, Barry is the Flash still. So later that night he breaks
Sir out and runs him all the way to a monastery in China.  One hell of a jail break, Barry.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t a clean getaway.  See the warden installed extra cameras to
monitor Barry and caught him using his powers. 
Even better, he drugged Barry and moves him to another part of the
prison which he’s been using to sell metas to Amunet.  Whoops!
Good episode this week, they walked the tight rope with the
silliness of the shrinking plot but relied on Grant to give his part more than
enough heart to forgive any moments where they slipped.  I like the conclusion to the Big Sir mini-arc
as well. Though I’ll miss Goldberg at least he was written off in a way that
was satisfying if a bit cliché.
What I really liked was the final five or six minutes of
this episode for two reasons.  First,
even without the DeVoes appearing their presence loomed large over the episode because
we see the toll their plan is taking on the Team and as though that weren’t
enough, the Team still can’t even figure out what DeVoe’s plan even is.
Second, we see that the Warden and Amunet aren’t necessarily
cohorts of DeVoe.  They might simply be
taking advantage of their situations. 
Despite almost always being a fan of stories being straight forward as
opposed to being needlessly complex, I like that there’s villains in Central City
who are just out to get rich.  It’s
refreshing when faced with Doomsday plots.
So, no complaints from me and I’m looking forward to our next
Three Things We
Learned This Week:
Despite being unable to clear Big Sir legally,
Barry’s freed him from Prison.
The gang have now identified eight of the twelve
The Warden is working with Amunet to sell metas
on the Black Market.
Unanswered Questions:
What is the nature of the Warden and Amunet’s
Are they linked to DeVoe or merely taking
advantage of the situation?
Is there anything special about the monastery
Barry has taken Big Sir to or was it just a regular old monastery?

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