These Seven Characters Will Star in DC’s HARLEY QUINN Animated Series

DC is developing several shows for its streaming service, and among them is a Harley Quinn animated series. The show, which is geared towards an older audience, follows Harley as she breaks up with Joker and pursues her role as criminal queenpin of Gotham City. Now, we know which characters will make up its main cast.

That Hashtag Show has shared seven casting breakdowns for characters from the Harley Quinn show. Two have been confirmed before, and all of them are series regulars.

  • The Joker – After his breakup with Harley, Joker wants to defend his top spot on the Most Wanted list and do everything he can to stop her. It sounds like this will be classic Joker through and through.
  • Poison Ivy – As in the comics, Pamela Isley is Harley’s best friend and roommate. Despite being a loner for the most part, Pamela is a true friend and (eventually) partner-in-crime to Harley.
  • Sy Borgman – A character created for the New 52 Harley Quinn comics, Sy is a former spy who is now confined to a wheelchair and is more machine than man. Oh, and he happens to be Harley and Pamela’s landlord.
  • Dr. Psycho – A telekinetic and misogynistic dwarf, Dr. Psycho alienated most of the supervillain world after a very vulgar confrontation with Wonder Woman ten years ago. He hopes to “redeem” himself after reluctantly joining Harley’s gang.
  • Malice Vundabar – Malice is a college intern in Harley’s gang, she carries around a demonic cat named Chessure, and she’s an alien.
  • King Shark – The humanoid shark wants to have a normal life, but whenever he smells blood, he goes on a killing spree and eats anyone he can get his teeth on.
  • Clayface – An actor-turned-shapeshifting villain, Clayface struggles to maintain an acting career. Fortunately, his skills are being put to use as a member of Harley’s gang.
No voice actors have been announced yet, but you can click HERE to read the casting breakdowns in their entirety. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.
Harley Quinn does not have a premiere date yet, but DC’s streaming service launches sometime this year.

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