Comic Review: SUPERMAN #1 (2018)

Superman’s comics in recent years have been hit-and-miss, but the Man of Steel made a proper comeback in 2016 as part of DC Comics’ Rebirth. Peter J. Tomasi’s run, which focuses on Clark Kent’s family life with Lois Lane and their son Jonathan, was the most acclaimed Superman series in recent years. Now, on the heels of Action Comics #1000 and Superman’s 80th anniversary, we’re due for another #1 relaunch with a new creative team.

Taking over now is Brian Michael Bendis, marking his big DC debut after his lengthy work at Marvel. Joining him is artist Ivan Reis. Superman #1 is a direct continuation of Bendis’ The Man of Steel miniseries, as Clark deals with the fallout of Lois and Jon leaving with his father Jor-El, as well as Rogol Zaar’s assault on the Fortress of Solitude. The issue also focuses heavily on Kal-El’s humanity, as he ponders his place in the world as Superman. The issue ends with a surprise cliffhanger that will surely entice readers into continuing the series.

Overall, I thought Superman #1 was quite good. Bendis’ writing is a solid fit for this Superman story, and it’s clear that he has some interesting ambitions in mind for the Man of Steel. Ivan Reis’ art is always phenomenal, as he continues to be one of DC’s best artists at the moment. The two work very well together in bringing Superman and his world to life. Rogol Zaar’s introduce alone has shaken up the status quo in Superman lore, and I’m very interested in seeing more.

However, I’m not sure how well this issue will work for first-time readers. Again, this directly follows the events of The Man of Steel, and it references a lot of things that went down in that series. So, I’d recommend reading The Man of Steel before this issue. It’s to the point where you wonder why The Man of Steel didn’t actually serve as the first six issues of the main Superman series. But, it is what it is.

While it doesn’t have the feel good-ness of Tomasi’s run, Bendis’ Superman series is off to a solid start. Issue #1 boasts strong artwork, good wrting, and very intriguing story decisions. Again, I don’t know how well this issue will resonate with new readers, but those who have been following along (like me) should enjoy it. To that crowd, I definitely recommend it.

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