OPINION: Why Carrie Fisher was Irreplaceable as Leia Organa Solo

There’s been some back and forth over Carrie Fisher‘s last appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX. Many people don’t think she should have been present, while others suggested a recast or even a CGI digital recreation, like in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Ultimately, Todd Fisher (her brother) and Billie Jo Fisher (her daughter) agreed to allow Lucasfilm to use unseen footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Episode IX. This was ultimately done in order to fulfill the original intention for the episode, to give Carrie “her” movie.

Episode VII was Harrison Ford‘s movie, Episode VIII was Mark Hamill‘s movie, and Episode IX was supposed to be Carrie’s. This has been confirmed from many people, including Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy. The trio dedicated a lifetime to these movies. As a result, they deserved one last hurrah to unite old and new fans together in the sequel trilogy. But we’re not here to talk about Harrison and Mark, we’re here to talk about the one and only Carrie. So without further ado, here’s two reasons Carrie Fisher was irreplaceable.

She’s The Princess

Princess Leia was the first princess most of us saw as young kids that was self rescuing (with some help). She stood her ground with Darth Vader, and when Luke and Han froze up in the prison cell hall, she took charge and got them out.

Leia stepped up after the destruction of Alderaan and became a leader in the rebellion. She has asserted herself as the one in charge, despite her small stature, and she always proved she was worthy of being the leader.

Leia moved from princess to senator in the New Republic, and she found the beginnings of The First Order. When people refused to listen to her, she took those who would and began the Resistance, moving from senator to general. She took charge to ensure that people were ready to prevent an overwhelming surge of power from the Empire reborn.

I’d like to take a quote from Finn in Star Wars: The Last Jedi: “People believe in Leia”. No matter what happened, people followed Leia, because she believed what she knew was right. She had the voice of a politician, but the heart of a soldier, and with that, she was deadly.

Carrie knew what she was doing with Leia. She put her heart and soul into the character. She gave us the princess we know and love. Recasting makes sense if you want to go younger, or even if Carrie didn’t want to come back to make The Force Awakens. But Carrie wanted to come back and play General Organa for us. She knew she would be best in the role, and she wanted to finish what she started.

She’s Carrie Fisher. And you can’t replace Carrie Fisher.

The End

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