Comic Review: YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS – Torch Songs

Set shortly after the season 2 finale, Torch Songs showcases a battle between Psimon, Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy, and Batgirl. Can they win a fight against the telepath? Or will they be stuck inside of Miss Martian’s head forever?

We pick up in year six of the series. Not too much has changed, but Batgirl has taken on some of Nightwing’s responsibilities. Psimon has moved into the United States, our team’s mission is to take him down. Psimon is too smart for the team to find him so easily. It’s a trap to get revenge on M’gann. Knowing this, the team still continues on. They split up and Batgirl confronts Psimon, only for him to locate M’gann and trap them all inside of her mind. We’re stuck in an episode of Hello, Megan! where she is struggling with her feelings for Conner.


Conner and Garfield discover that the key to breaking free from this hold is by getting Conner to forgive M’gann. She still feels bad for tampering with Conner’s mind (seen in season two), and Conner hasn’t forgiven her. This mental blockage is the key to their escape. The story is only 40-pages long, but it’s a sweet little look at Conner and M’gann’s relationship. The two have been together since the beginning and you want to see them work things out. They end up defeating Psimon after Conner breaks through and tells M’gann he forgives her.

Torch Songs is a decent adventure that gets us back into the swing of things. It’s not this huge return to the universe that one would expect (that’s probably for the season three premiere), and that’s okay. It’s business as usual, just as it should be.

Torch Songs as well as Young Justice: Outsiders are available now on DC Universe.

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