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“Following Mr. Nobody‚Äôs capture of Niles Caulder and the destruction of Cloverton Ohio, The Doom Patrol investigate the mysterious albino donkey and discover it is a door to another universe, one where Mr. Nobody is in control. Cyborg aka Vic Stone (Joivan Wade), a part man/part machine hero from Detroit who has his own complicated relationship with Niles Caulder, joins the search.”

Official Plot Synopsis

This is a non-spoiler review for the second episode of Doom Patrol, “Donkey Patrol”. For a review of the first episode, click HERE.

Doom Patrol just really knows who it is, and is comfortable with it’s role in the DC Universe(haha, see what I did there?). Donkey Patrol is another great episode, focusing in on the team after the disappearance of The Chief(Timothy Dalton) in the beginning of the episode. This cast works extraordinarily well together, and Wade is an exceptional addition. His take on Cyborg really helps bring the team together, and is a strong voice of reason.

This episode provides Crazy Jane(Diane Guerrero) some much needed background, and exploration into her past. Robotman(Brendan Fraser/Riley Shanahan) really cares about the members of his team even though it might not seem like it. The donkey part of the show is just… weird. But it fits with Mr. Nobody’s(Alan Tudyk) personality. The fourth-wall breaking is very neat, and made me burst out laughing. But was it needed? Probably not, but hopefully later on this season it will prove more definitive and needed for Mr. Nobody’s character.

The plot falls a little short in this episode. It struggles from the split between all the different members of the team, but in the end it works out for the best. It ties everything up with a neat little bow and shows everyone who’s boss. More emphasis on Cyborg would have been nice as well, but he will be the definitive leader of the team without the Chief. Bring on the next episode!

Main Character: Crazy Jane

Story: 3.5/5

Character Development: 5/5

Laughs: 4/5

“Donkey Patrol” Overall: 4.25/5

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