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Review: FIRE EMBLEM (2003)

Here, we follow Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood – three lords on the quest to save Eliwood’s father, as well as defeat the evil Black Fangs and their leader Nergal.

Let us go back to 2003. The sun is shining, the rain is pouring down the streets, and the western Nintendo community gets access to a series that the Super Smash Bros. community can’t get enough of. Enter Fire Emblem, the seventh installment of the series with the same name.

To explain the franchise in the simplest at terms, it boils down to it being a virtual board game. The game transition from chapter to chapter, where the “board” changes depending on the mission at hand. Throughout the story mode, the game gives you access to different characters, with their own strength and weaknesses. Throughout the journey, they are able to level up, gaining access to more abilities, weapons and better stats.

If any of the characters die, you will lose them for the rest of the playthrough. So the game does not allow for rash choices. However, if a lord or a character that is obligated to recruit to the map dies, it¨s game over.

As a Game Boy Advance title made back in the early 2000s, Fire Emblem is one of the more impressive games for the system. It contains a beautiful pixel art, with hand-drawn styled pictures as its cinematics. If you are one of the few that owns the mystical console called Wii U, it’s available for purchase on its e-shop.

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